Tips for a Magical Front Yard Flower Garden

June 22, 2017

Is this finally going to be the year that you become the talk of the neighborhood? You have wanted to create a gorgeous front yard flower garden for years that will make people stop and stare, but maybe you never had the time or just did not know where to begin. If you are ready to have the most talked about landscaping on the block, these tips will come in handy.

  • Introduce Curves - Your flower garden does not need to form a straight line across your front yard. Add a whimsical appeal with a gentle curving walkway that sets the tone for the garden to follow.

Girona Garden Fountain

  • Cast Stone Garden Fountains - To really create a "wow" factor, add a focal point. Cast stone garden fountains are lovely surrounded by plants and flowers. They are available in every size, shape, color, and theme imaginable, so finding one to complement your vision will not be a problem. Every flower garden can welcome cast stone garden fountains.

  • Cottage Garden - The cottage garden look is so in right now! A small white picket fence with creeping thyme, apricot and red roses, and purple iris is all you really need.

  • Loosely Spaced Flagstones - Some prefer a neat walkway for a polished appeal. You may want to create a natural garden look by making a walkway with loosely spread flagstones. Plant a low-maintenance groundcover to grow between the stones.

  • Add Planters - All of your plants do not need to grow from the ground. Planters are ideal to break up the flow, create height, and gain control. Short-lived flowers can go in there that you will want to replace a few times during the season.

  • Mix in Edible Plants - Just because this is your front yard garden does not mean you cannot incorporate in a few edible plants. This is a prime place for herbs, as well as blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry plants. The pollinators will do wonders for your berry trees.
  • Hanging Things - You really cannot have too many hanging baskets. They can hang from trees or hooks. Quite honestly, if you have trees then hanging platform bird feeders, wind chimes, and paper lanterns are all nice finishing touches.

  • Create a Frame - Have you always dreamed of having a romantic archway? It is not hard to do. Build your design around an arbor and plant species that will quickly climb and cover it. Clematis creates a beautiful display.

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