When was the last time you were in a colorful waiting room? You may be thinking that you have never actually been in one. If you were, it is something you would definitely remember, right? Most waiting areas are quite drab. Gray carpet, white walls, and black or gray office chairs are common. You would think that there is some written rule that color is not permitted in these areas. Why not be different? Give your customers, clients, patients, etc., a space to admire and remember with these decorating tips.

Choose Your Color Palette

You don't have to use more than one color, if you don't want to. If one color used for accents is enough for you then great! If you choose to use multiple colors, consider having some type of print to pull the colors together. Color can alter behavior and mood on a profound level, so choose a color that's appropriate for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

  • Yellows - This warm, welcoming, and energizing color promotes creativity and stimulates the nervous system. However, too much yellow can lead to anger and anxiety, so don't overdo it.

  • Reds - Red shades stimulate the heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse rate. They also encourage socializing and eating. So, great for a restaurant, but not for a medical practice.

  • Oranges - This invigorating color promotes socialization.

  • Blues - Soft, muted shades are soothing and encourage relaxation.

  • Greens - Positive emotions are associated with greens more than any other color. It promotes optimistic thinking and reduces stress.

  • Purples - Plum, violet, and lavender are associated with royalty and luxury. These shades are ideal for creating a sophisticated space.

Where to Incorporate Them 

If you have a larger decorating budget, you could seek out designer chairs in the color palette of your choice. It is probably easier though to paint an accent wall, and add décor pieces, such a rug, wall art, vases, and planters in these colors. You could also buy colorful side tables or paint your own with a can of spray paint.

Majestic River Wall Fountain with Logo

Majestic River Wall Fountain with Logo
Dimensions: 69"H x 54"W x 6"D

Logo Water Walls

Just because you add color to your space does not mean you can skip the focal point. Logo water walls are crucial to waiting rooms. Cascading water naturally becomes the center of attention and creates a calming environment. Since your logo is present it becomes permanently etched in the brain of everyone who looks at it, which also makes it a great marketing tool.