Tips for Decorating the End of a Hallway

June 22, 2017

If you have a hallway in your home that acts as a dead-end, there is a good chance that you have absolutely no décor in that space. There are probably a few doors that open from the hallway, leading to a bedroom, bathroom, and maybe even an office, but then the flow of the space just stops. This is one of the most neglected spaces in a home. This is prime real estate though! You probably look at this wall several times throughout the day. It only makes sense to make the most of this space.


10' Grande Copper Vein and Clear Glass Floor Fountain

Floor Water Fountains

Floor water fountains are really the best things to put at the end of hallways. According to feng shui, positive energy flows throughout a house, but it can be disrupted by sharp edges and dead ends. When it gets to the end of the hallway, it has nowhere to go. Floor water fountains create energy to push into a room, so it pushes the energy outward. Plus, they are soothing to look at and some have LEDs, so they provide a little light to that dark space.


As long as a door is not too close to the end you can always make this a sitting area. Even if you do not actually ever sit here, a chair with some shelves mounted on the wall above it could create an intriguing display.


Obviously, you do not have to actually display books on the shelves, if you don't want to. You can place knickknacks, collections, pictures, or anything else here that you want. If you are short on storage space, you could also place decorative boxes and baskets on these shelves to use for storage.


If you are going to place a mirror at the end of the hallway, make it a dynamic one. Rather than a full wall of mirror or even a full length one, either buy an artistic piece or create an interesting display with small mirrors. You can even paint the wall a bold color and stick mirrors on top to really attract attention.


If the hallway extends a generous distance past the last door, create a small office area. You can easily place a small desk and chair here, and mount a few shelves on the wall to hold essentials. You might even want to hang a curtain from a shower rod across the hallway. So, when someone is using the office space, the curtain can be closed for privacy. Choose an exciting pattern or color for your curtain for a nice visual appeal.