Defining your property line does not always mean literally defining the line where your property ends. When you have a large property, it is nice to have landscaping elements that draw the eyes into your home. You are essentially creating a canvas that allows your home to be showcased as a centerpiece. Otherwise, your home simply blends and fades with the horizon. Below are a few tips for creating an artistic masterpiece on an expansive property.

Beauport Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

Beauport Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain
Dimensions: 74.75"H x 47"W

Trees and Hedges 

A great way to create the look of a "wall" that defines your property is by planting a row of hedges, shrubs, or trees, especially evergreens. There is no better art than that which is alive. The only downfall is that you will not have the look you are after until the trees or shrubs mature.

D'Angolo Wall Fountain

D'Angolo Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 48"H x 34½"W

Corner Outdoor Fountains

Most people do not even know corner outdoor fountains exist. So, not only will you be creating an imaginary corner that would dictate a wall being there, you are adding the element of surprise to your landscaping. It is extravagant enough to see a water feature used in this way, but when you see one that literally creates the illusion of a corner, you can't help but do a double take. You could plant shrubs on either side for a more defined corner, as well.

Decorative Fencing

If you have not shopped for fencing lately prepare to be pretty surprised at the available selection. You could run a short fence along one or both sides of the property in front of your home. You could always get corner pieces and create corners, as well.

Raised Flower Beds

Depending on the size of your property a random flower bed extending down one side could look incredibly out-of-place. However, raised flower beds placed in four corners could look quite nice. You could even put an outdoor corner fountain in one spot, and then three flowerbeds for a bit of contrast.


Solar lights are a great way to add definition to your property. A line can be created with small lights, or tall lanterns could be accented by a corner fence piece with flowers.

When defining your property do consider balance. If you have trees on one side already, then you might only need to add elements to the other side. If you are dealing with a wide open space consider the idea of a corner fountain in one location and raised flower beds to create three other corners. When viewers look at your property head-on they should be able to appreciate some sort of balance created by definition on both sides.


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