When was the last time you sat in a waiting room that was so extraordinary you did not even check the time to see how long you were sitting there? There is a very good chance that you have never even had this type of experience. This is so unfortunate because a waiting room can truly change a mood and opinion, and leave a lasting impression. If you own or manage a doctor's office or any type of business with a waiting room and you are ready to stand out from every other business, the following decorating tips should help.

Have Fun with Paint

Contrary to popular belief, waiting room walls do not have to be white. Why are so many businesses afraid of adding a little color to their space? Color is your friend. You can paint a bold accent wall just like you would in your home. Alternately, if you have a high stress environment you may want to choose soothing colors.

  • Green - Nature's calming color is harmonious, balancing, and even a bit energizing. Think shades of grassy meadows, safe, celery, and lettuce.

  • Blue - Restful, soothing, peaceful, and meditative, blue is proven to lower blood pressure. Azure, sapphire, cerulean, and lapis are recommended.

  • Purple - Although some shades can be very royal and bold, others can be calming. Lavender, violet, or the color of grape bunches will do the trick.

Majestic River Marble Wall Fountain

Majestic River Marble Wall Fountain

Large Wall Fountains

Like any room in your home, a waiting room needs a dynamic focal point. This is not a room where there is going to be shelves with decorative pieces of art or large statues, so one strong piece is important. Large wall fountains are perfect. They capture your attention as soon as you walk through the door and instantly make you feel welcomed. As you sit there listening to the sound of cascading water you can't help but feel your mind soothed. Plus, large wall fountains improve air quality and mask undesirable noise.

Double Elements Wall Fountain with Copper Trim

Double Elements Wall Fountain with Copper Trim


Boring, uncomfortable chairs really need to go. If you have it in the budget to add comfortable and attractive furniture to your space then go for it. You could always keep some chairs you have now and add a few bean bag chairs, as well, so at least people can choose what they want to sit on. If you do need to stick with office-like chairs, consider positioning them so everyone does not look up and stare at the person walking through the door.