Wall water fountain maintenance and care is not as difficult or time-consuming as you are probably imagining. In fact, after you have had your fountain a while and cleaned it a few times, caring for it will seem effortless. You will wonder why you ever waited so long to get one. That being said, maintaining your water wall should be as simple as possible from the start. These tips will help.

Serene Falls Copper Wall Fountain

Serene Falls Copper Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 36"W x 53"H x 6.5"D

Make Sure it's Level

If you don't get your water feature mounted correctly from the start you will run into problems. Even being slightly off can affect the way the water flows. You don't have to go buy a level for this one purpose though. There's an app for that!

Fill with Distilled Water

If you use distilled water from the start your water wall will stay clean longer. It's the minerals in hard work that causes scale. If you have a very large fountain and using distilled water just is not practical make sure you treat the water with a product made for this purpose.

Check the Water Level Daily

Olympus Falls Mirror Wall Fountain

Olympus Falls Mirror Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 75"W x 54"H x 6"D

You may not need to add water daily, but it is a good idea to check the water level every day, especially in the beginning. This will help you get a feel for how fast it's evaporating. Keep in mind that the water level may barely move in the summer, if you live in a humid climate, but as soon as you start running the furnace in the winter and the air gets dry it will evaporate faster.

Give Extra Attention to the Pump

Even if your fountain doesn't need cleaning, it is a good idea to at least clean the pump. This is the heart of the unit. If it is clogged it can't do its job. An old toothbrush will help get into all the crevices.

House on a Hill Wall Fountain

House on a Hill Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 28"H x 48"W

Don't Neglect the Tubing

It doesn't matter how clean the pump and fountain are, if the tubing is clogged with buildup, you might as well not have the pump running at all. Soak it in a mixture of equal parts white distilled vinegar and water, and then run water through the tube to flush it clean.

Clean out the Cleaning Solution

After you clean your fountain and rinse from the top you will have an accumulation of water, dirt, and cleaning solution on the bottom that needs to be removed. It can be tempting to leave behind a little of that polluted water just so you don't need to put forth such an effort, but this will be a big mistake. Adding clean water to dirty water will have you repeating the cleaning process more often than you should have to.