Indoor water walls are perfect for any home or office. They don't take up so much space, creates a stunning focal point on an empty wall  crying for a bit of attention and provide great benefits like masking background noise and creating a soothing and relaxing environment. Indoor water walls are dynamic pieces of art and take your  décor  to a whole new level. These are available in virtually any size and style. Some can even be customized to add your business name or logo, making your fountain a one of a kind.

Below is a list of the top 5 indoor water walls  for your home or business to help you choose among the wide array of selections available in the market today.

1.  Aspen Falls Wall Fountain

Aspen Falls Wall Fountain

The Aspen Falls Wall fountain features two panels of a material of your choice. Make this fountain truly unique own by choosing your own surface material, trim color and edging. Choose from stainless steel, copper or blackened copper tor the trim. For the waterfall surface choose from slate, featherstone slate or mirror. The perfect combination will be a stunning addition to any wall.

2.  Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

Whether you are a professional designer or not, the Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain is a no brainer! Become inspired by the beauty in this wall water feature!

3.  Reflection Creek Wall Fountain

Reflection Creek Wall Fountain

The Reflection Creek Wall Fountain is sure to be the topic of conversation in any space. It provides soothing ambiance and unparalleled beauty that a traditional piece of modern art simply can’t offer.

4.  Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted

Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted

This rear-mounted water feature can be entirely customized to fit your fountain needs. The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is a free-standing water feature that has a water tight tray liner, splash guard, top lighting and a superior water distribution system that will not spray or clog. This fountain will create the illusion of water flowing from your wall to a bed of polished river rocks below.

5.  Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

If you are looking for a beautiful yet affordable water feature that is versatile enough to complement an array of environments, this is it. The Whispering Creek Wall Fountain is available in three stunning surfaces and four trim options, so you can customize it to complement your space perfectly. It also happens to be the ideal size fountain to add a logo to, if you are mounting it in a business.