The sight and sounds of running water cascading over the surfaces of a tiered outdoor water feature lodges our senses in a hypnotic state, urging us to reach out and touch the water.  A tiered outdoor water feature is magnificent enough to create a stunning  focal point  in the middle of a courtyard or a garden, rustic enough to blend into a corner of a flower garden and majestic enough to make a dramatic backdrop against the clear blue skies. Here is a list of the top 5 tiered outdoor water features to help you choose which fountain is perfect for creating that soothing ambiance for your outdoors.


1.  Oak Fountain with 55" Basin

Oak Fountain with 55" Basin

Dimensions: 63" H x 55" W
Weight: 1,305 pounds

The sculpted leaves, attractive traditional shape and light-reflecting pool surround will create an eye-catching centerpiece in any outdoor space. The Oak Fountain with 55" Basin has been hand-crafted in the USA by skilled artisans, and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.


2.  Vicobello Garden Fountain

Vicobello Garden Fountain

Dimensions: 47"W x 47"D x 70"H
Weight: 873 lbs.

The Vicobello Garden Fountain is a large multi-tiered contemporary water fountain. It is a perfect garden fountain for round driveways or a centerpiece in a spacious outdoor.


3.   Italian 3-Tier Garden Fountain with Basin

Italian 3-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain with 55" Basin

63"H x 55"W
Weight: 1221 lbs. (Forklift suggested)

The  Italian 3-Tier Garden Fountain with Basin embodies the grace and elegance of traditional fountain designs with its beautifully sculpted details, tiers of flowing water and sparkling pool surround.


4.  Tuscan Garden Fountain with 74 inch Basin

Tuscan Outdoor Water Fountain with 74 inch Basin

Dimensions: 60"H x 74"W x 72"D
Weight: 2,305 lbs


5.  Formal Garden Fountain with Old Euro Basin

Formal Garden Fountain with Old Euro Basin

Dimensions: 64 1/2"H x 82"W
Weight: 1,692 pounds

An  exquisite cast stone fountain, the Formal Garden Fountain with Old Euro Basin is perfect for creating an elegant centerpiece in any outdoor settings.