Transform Your Outdoor Space with These Elements

June 22, 2017

Spring is in the air, which means that it is time to start sprucing up your outdoor living space. Every spring, your goal is to make it even better than the previous year. You want a space that your friends and family will love to gather in, and if it is stylish enough to make your neighbors jealous or make you appear a little more interesting to new guests, these are just added bonuses. Here are a few must-haves for a dramatic transformation.

22" Walnut Log Outdoor Garden Fountain with LED Lights

22" Walnut Log Outdoor Garden Fountain with LED Lights
Dimensions: 22" x 13" x 13"

  • Waterfall Outdoor Fountains - If you had a few smaller water elements last year then you know firsthand that even a compact-sized one can attract a lot of attention. It is time to take it to the next level this year with waterfall outdoor fountains.

  • Animal Décor - Animal items are back in-style (as if they ever faded away), but the new look is very sophisticated and much more subtle than past trends. A bronze-colored elephant table, meditating frog statue, or steel butterfly spheres in metallic hues of auburn, brown, and rust are a few ideas.

  • Weathervane - When you think of weathervanes, you might picture roosters since they have long been the common thing to find perched atop the spinning arrow. Weathervanes have come a long way, and some look more like abstract art than anything else. You can find some that showcase wine bottles and glasses, eagles, guns, sailboats, dogs, cats, mermaids, dragons, classic cars, and many other options.

  • Lanterns - Lanterns are definitely the lighting option of choice this year. Whether you put a real candle or flame-free variety inside or opt for solar lanterns this is what you want to illuminate your space with. That being said, lanterns are available in a ton of styles, so you don't have to stick with a classic look. Pagodas are very popular, and lanterns made of teak are becoming trendy in the design world.

  • Drapery Panels - Flowing drapes are a must this year. They create the illusion of being in a real room, and they can provide privacy. Always use tiebacks or secure them with something similar, if operating an open flame.

  • Beverage Tub - Don't run indoors every time someone needs a drink. Add a large, stylish beverage tub to your patio. A copper freestanding beverage tub will definitely add an elegant feature to the space. If you go with teak lanterns, you could also add a matching teak bar cart with a built-in beverage tub.