Water Walls | Sheer Beauty And Luxury

June 22, 2017

Grandeur River Floor Fountain
Dimensions: 96"H x 60"W x 14"D
Weight: 400 lbs

Sophistication comes in all forms and sizes but one cannot deny the sheer simplicity of how an indoor water wall does for a home or an office. They not only help residents and guests relax in its created soothing ambiance but they also help your business stand out from the crowd and increase the value of any home. They are not only pieces of art brought to a space but are also great heirlooms.


Regal Falls Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 120"W x 6"D

There is no way that the gorgeous Regal Falls Wall Fountain won't charm absolutely everyone with its presence. This water feature will easily consume that large awkward wall that you simply do not know what to do with. This water wall is bold, brilliant and beneficial. Water cascades over the surface of this fountain to a bed of polished river rocks below. A total of 16 halogen lights above highlight its journey. Every second it is operating, the air is being cleaned and nourished, and the environment is being made more tranquil.


Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 61"W x 6"D

Never has a piece of art been more stunning and functional as the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain. While it is filling a room with beauty, it is also creating a tranquil environment, moisturizing and cleaning the air, and offering a focal point that every space needs, so the eyes have a place to come to rest. This gorgeous water feature is available in nine surfaces, three frame finishes and two trim styles. It comes with a leak proof liner, splash guard, polished fiver rocks, dimmer switch, six halogen lights, electric pump and an installation bracket. You can also customize it with a logo and/or colored LED lights.


Tranquil River Floor Fountain - Rear Mounted
Dimensions: 90"H x 41"W x 14"D

This rear-mounted water feature can be entirely customized to fit your fountain needs. The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is a free-standing water feature that has a water tight tray liner, splash guard, top lighting and a superior water distribution system that will not spray or clog. This fountain will create the illusion of water flowing from your wall to a bed of polished river rocks below. The Tranquil River - Rear Mounted sits flush against the wall, and is sure to become the topic of conversation for your and your guests. You will captivate friends and family with the Tranquil River Floor Fountain.