If you like to change things up in your home quarterly or bi-annually, then you're probably always eager to find out what the latest fashion trends are in the interior design world. This is especially true if you do a lot of entertaining. It just makes you feel good when guests notice and appreciate the small details, doesn't it? Well, if you are ready for your next makeover, this list of hot trends will get you through the rest of the year.


Sometimes, just changing the paint color can make an extreme difference in the appearance of a room. Sherwin Williams has a couple fall / winter collections. Pop favorites include:

  • West Elm - Bosporus, Chinchilla, Cityscape, Honeycomb, Turkish Coffee, Roycroft Bottle Green, Latte, Tricorn Black

  • Pottery Barn - Heron Purple, Mink, Requisite Gray, Storm Cloud, Show Stopper, Wild Current, Salute, Svelte Sage, Pewter Green

  • Tuscan Warmth - Wheat Penny, Palm Leaf, Willow Tree, Edgy Gold, Toasted Pine Nut, Craft Paper

  • Historic Hues - Rembrandt Ruby, Peacock Plume, Calico, Sheraton Sage, Bunglehouse Blue, Decorous Amber

7.5' Gardenfall Clear Glass and Brushed Stainless Steel Frame with LED Lights

7.5' Gardenfall Clear Glass and Brushed Stainless Steel Frame with LED Lights

Freestanding Fountains

The interior design world simply cannot get enough of freestanding fountains. When trying to create a focal point in a room, nothing can compare to freestanding fountains. They immediately draw the eye and soothe the mind. Plus, the evaporated moisture helps combat the dry air created from running the furnace. Freestanding fountains come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Slate and glass are popular picks this year.

Small Details

  • Ethnic Prints - Remember how long exotic animal prints were popular for? Well, it is predicted that ethnic prints may surpass their level of popularity. Fabrics and patterns representing faraway lands break up bland interiors and function as conversation pieces.

  • Corduroy - Designers are placing a huge focus on corduroy this year. Sofas and chairs are being manufactured in this inviting material, but you can easily incorporate it with a few pillows.

  • Woodland Creatures - It is time to trade in those elephants, tigers, giraffes, and zebras for woodland creatures instead. Foxes, owls, deer, etc., are experiencing a surge in popularity. Pair these elements with live plants and decorative mushrooms.

  • Macramé - This has not been popular since the 70s, but it is back and better than ever. Fiber art wall hangings and macramé add texture and work as budget-friendly wall décor for folks who are not able to splurge on high-dollar art.