A solar fountain is a beautiful addition to a garden, patio or even near the entry way of your home, as long as it is placed in a location with optimal exposure to sunlight. When placed near the flower bed, it provides your plants a bit of humidity on a hot summer day. Outdoor fountains attract birds and butterflies as they stop and take a drink or just play in the water. Solar water features are environmentally-friendly and cost you absolutely nothing to operate.

Arcade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain 

Create an elegant focal point for your garden or courtyard with our Arcade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain. The wide, fluted columnar base is topped with two tiered water basins and a spiral finial equipped with a bubbler that illuminates at night. Solar power provides you with the most effortless and serene outdoor experience, all without the need for an electrical outlet.

 Cannonade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain

The Cannonade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain is an Asian-inspired column design. It is crafted in a lightweight, weather-resistant, and maintenance-free resin and fiberglass, but has the look of sculpted stone/concrete. This fountain will create soothing and relaxing atmosphere, sure to capture everyone's attention. 

 Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain

The Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain creates a beautiful focal point while adding the peaceful sound of water in motion. In addition to being earth-friendly and easy to use, the solar fountain looks good, too, with its rough, aged stone look that meshes with a contemporary black detailing.