Since water fountains are considered a luxury purchase, you may feel as though you need to justify spending the money on one. Many people put a lot of thought into a purchase of this nature to make sure that they are not just spending on impulse. Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of good reasons to go ahead and splurge on a water element for your home.

Seasons Fountain

Seasons Fountain
Dimensions: 28.25"L x 28.25"W x 41.25"H

  • White Noise - The sound of cascading water will be music to your ears. Although water features will not be loud or disruptive, the sound it make will drown out undesirable noises that may otherwise bother you. Traffic, dogs barking, and children playing loudly outside are good examples.
  • Reduce Stress - The sight and sound provided by water fountains is extremely soothing. This one piece of art can singlehandedly transform your space into a tranquil environment that will promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Improve Air Quality - As the water flows over the face of the floor or wall fountain, it creates negative ions. These ions attract positive ions, which include dust, dander, etc., and neutralize them, thereby improving air quality.
  • Focal Point - Every room needs a strong focal point. This is a place where the eyes can come to rest and relax. It is also the one element that will have your guests talking. A water feature of any size will naturally become a beautiful focal point.
  • Increase Humidity - Most environments are significantly drier than they should be. This is from running the furnace or air conditioning. The water in the fountain will constantly evaporate, and provide just enough moisture to make a room more comfortable, but not so much that you have to worry about mildew or condensation.
  • Pet Appreciation - Cats and dogs are naturally attracted to running water. This is why you catch your cat in the sink drinking from the leaking faucet and your dog loves to drink from the hose, despite the fact that his bowl is right there. As long as you keep your floor fountain clean and full, your four-legged friends are welcomed to drink from it.
  • Promote Quality Sleep - Whether you have a hard time falling asleep or constantly wake up in the night, the sound from the fountain will relax your mind to help you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper sleep state. This makes them ideal for a nursery or child's room, as well.
  • Affordable - If you are under the impression that water features are still super expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised. Soothing Walls offers these beneficial pieces of art in every price range to accommodate any budget.
  • Easy to Maintain - Do not let the thought of assembly or maintenance discourage you from purchasing a water fountain. Most are ready to use out of the box. The pump keeps them quite clean and you can always use a fountain product to keep them clean longer. It will need to be emptied and cleaned from time-to-time, but this is a lot easier to do than you probably think.