Zen Fountains

June 22, 2017

Serenity, peace of mind and tranquility are synonymous with the word Zen. When you hear the word Zen, what comes into your mind is a peaceful and relaxing scenario, or a total state of focus that incorporates a oneness of body and mind. What is more relaxing than the sound of flowing water? A fountain brings the element of water to your space. The sound of cascading water is gentle and soothing, yet it's loud enough to mask some of that bothersome noise outside. The dramatic visual display of running water reflects colors and light and draws the eye in while the sound of running water has a calming effect that allows you to de-stress and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Below are some of the zen fountains that will add a soothing ambiance to your home or office.

 Tranquility Fountain

There is nothing more calming than the sight and sounds of cascading water the Tranquility Fountain brings. Standing at 58.5" tall and 39" wide, this flat back fountain is perfect when set against garden walls, placed in court yards, patios, or alcoves.

Chi Falls Wall/Floor Fountain


Get your daily dose of soothing water acoustic with the Chi Falls Wall/Floor Fountain. Standing at over seven feet tall and looking strikingly understated, this elegant piece adds zen to any space with its natural slate panel in multicolor, browns-tans or gold-black hues.

 Buddha Wall Water Fountain

The Zen of sound therapy and the mystique of the Orient come together in this Buddha Wall Water Fountain. Flat back, this water feature is made to be placed up against a meditation garden wall.

  Zen Moonshadow Slate Tabletop Water Fountain

Taking its inspiration from the ephemeral beauty of the moon as it goes through its lunar cycle, the Zen Moonshadow Slate Tabletop Water Fountain will enhance any room with its ethereal allure and grace and introduce the relaxing sounds of flowing water into your home or office. The combination of the water's endless trickle and soft glow of the accent light will envelop you with serenity and calmness.

 Serene Waters Wall Fountain

Measuring 36" tall and  21" wide, this single panel wall fountain can be added virtually anywhere. Simple and elegant, the Serene Wall Water Fountain comes with a beautiful accent lighting that adds to the peaceful ambiance, satisfying all your senses and extending your viewing pleasure after dark.

 Zen III Fountain

Ideal for small sitting areas or placed along your garden path, the Zen III Fountain combines playful design and pouring water to add a bit of charm and tranquility to any outdoor living space. Crafted with fiber reinforced cast stone and available in a variety of finishes, this cast stone garden fountain is a great way to bring back "fun" to the outdoors while maintaining the soothing ambiance that everyone craves in today's hectic world.

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