Adagio Water Features

Inspiration Falls Slate Wall Fountain


  • Dimensions: 69"H x 30"W x 6"D
  • EZ install bracket makes set-up simple
  • 3-way pull chain allows you to control just the lights or the water, both, or turn the water feature off.
  • The welded plastic liner is double tested and prevents against leakage.
  • A uniquely designed water distribution unit system won’t clog, thus giving you even water flow.
  • Only one cord plugs into the wall and is easily concealed behind the water fountain with a 90 degree plug.
  • Durable powder coat finish on all of our painted metal trim.
  • Fully contained

Typically ships within 1-2 business days

  • Dimensions: 69"H x 30"W x 6"D
  • Multi-color & Green Slate Weight: 255 lbs./ Shipping Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Water Sound: Medium
  • Hardware to hang on a sheetrock wall
  • Down lights (3 lights)
  • 3 way pull chain
  • Dimmer
  • Multi-color pebbles
  • Electric pump

Optional LED Light Description: These colored LED lights are a great upgrade for your custom indoor waterfall and come with a remote control. You are able to set them for one color or to rotate between whichever colors you choose. There are 12 color choices and 4 color changing settings.

One look at the Inspiration Falls Slate Water Fountain and you are swept away to a rock cliff with raging falls crashing below. There is nothing quite like slate, as it is the ideal way to add a natural appeal to any space. Plus, the sound water makes as it flows over slate is unique, and sure to instantly soothe your nerves.
The Inspiration Falls Slate Water Fountain is available in rajah or green slate with your choice of an antique black copper, rustic copper or stainless steel trims. Measuring 69”H x 30”W, the generous size of this water feature is sure to be the topic of conversation for anyone in its presence.

Note: This feature requires clearance. If you are placing it in a custom space, please contact us for the clearance requirements.

Disclaimer: Because all of our stones are natural, they are each unique in color and texture and will vary from the pictures shown. We do offer a stone selection option where you can select your stone before we ship it to you. For more information please contact Soothing Walls Customer Service.

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    Questions & Answers

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    • What is the specific height between the top and bottom trim pieces?

      The specific height between the trim pieces is 53 inches.

    • What type of electrical outlet do you need to run one of these vertical wall fountains? How far from the ceiling should the outlet be placed?

      If possible you can place an outlet directly behind the fountain so you do not see the cords. Place a normal outlet deadcenter of where you are going to install the Inspiration Falls. There is an opening in the bracket to allow for an outlet. If this is not possible most people just use a normal outlet that is nearby. Some use a plant or cord cover to hide the cord. If you have any further questions please call us at 1-888-839-3597 Thank you!

    • What are the specific dimensions of this water feature? height, width, and length

      69"h x 30"w x 6"d Thank you!

    • Does the Inspiration Falls Slate Wall Fountain splash at all? I want to have it over a carpeted area.

      It is an indoor rated fountain, there shouldn't be any splashing as it comes with a splash guard. If for reason you are experiencing splashing then there might have been an issue with installation and we would just need to do some quick troubleshooting.

    • I have not h ad my fountain on for a few months and now the pump does not come on. What replacement pump do you recommend ? Thanks

      Hello, we are sorry about that. The pump does come with a one year warranty. Instructions should have been included in the pump box, if you no longer have them please email and we will get you the info to take care of that faulty pump with the warranty.

    • Can this be installed behind a woodstove? If so, how much clearance would be required between the box at the bottom and the stove? Our only reason for purchasing this would be to enable water evaporation when we use the woodstove during the winter, so the air in the room doesn't get too dry. Right now, I'm using a large squirt bottle to spray water every hour on the faux rock panel behind the stove, and that gets tiresome.

      You would need to place it atleast 4' away from the stove as the fountain comes with a plastic liner, but even then we couldn't guarantee it as we haven't tested it. You could add the fountain to any part of the room and it will act as a natural humidifier. We have clients add our fountains for this exact purpose to their homes. You will be surprised how much it will help your home.

    • Can this fountain be installed out doors? Is the Stainless steel Marine Grade or is the Copper better for an installation that is close to the ocean?

      Yes, as long as you purchase an outdoor hood with it.  The stainless steel will be better if you are closer to the ocean.  We would recommend to wipe down the metal atleast 2 times a month to prevent build up.

    • Can a custom size be ordered?

      Yes, please email your size request and we can get you pricing on the custom size.

      Thank you!

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