Indoor Fountains 

Are you looking for an indoor fountain for your office or home? We offer a selection of fountains in various sizes and designs. A water feature brings the sounds and sights of nature indoors. Create an ambiance that’s both relaxing and energizing with one of our handcrafted indoor fountains.



Q. Do you have staff that can help with installation?

A. We can assist you by answering questions about a fountain. However, we don’t install fountains. Our smaller water features are easy to setup. They require a standard electrical outlet and can be assembled without special tools. Large or heavy fountains may require the help of a contractor.

Q: How can I install a large wall fountain or large floor fountain by myself?

A: Installation of our large fountains is straightforward. Our products come with complete instructions for setup. However, large fountains may be too heavy for one individual to lift and position. A contractor will be able to assist you if you need help.

Q. Do I need a special electrical outlet for a large fountain?

A. Our fountains use standard outlets. You can avoid electrical wires crossing the floor by placing your water feature near an outlet.

Q. What happens if the pump malfunctions?

A. Pumps are easy to remove. They sit inside the water reservoir at the fountain’s base. A replacement pump can easily be installed if needed.

Q. Do you have fountains that automatically fill?

A. Our fountains require the regular addition of water. For information about optional auto-fill systems, please contact us.

Q. I have pets. Is the water in the fountain safe to drink?

A. Water that’s free of additives is safe for pets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for keeping the water clean.

Q. Will an indoor fountain harm my floors or walls?

A. The water in a fountain is self-contained. Water features are safe for indoor use. Take care when you place your fountain, since pets or people can sometimes splash the water.

Art in Motion

Water features are works of art. Unlike a static sculpture or painting, however, a fountain offers movement and sound. The gentle burble of water flowing, falling or trickling can add just the right amount of white noise to your office, medical waiting room or retail space. With a soothing water feature, workers can focus and patients can relax.

A Fountain for Every Style

You can choose a fountain featuring stone, acrylic or metal. We offer a wide range of styles, from calming minimalists features to fountains painted in bright colors. We carry fountains that complement every decor, whether it is classic, bohemian or influenced by farflung cultures.

If you’re looking for a focal point, choose a large wall fountain or large floor fountain. For the perfect finishing touch to your decor, choose a small water feature. A low profile wall fountain makes a big impression but won’t take up valuable floor space. A small fountain can be tucked into any corner of a room and may be used on a counter, shelf or side table.

Made With Care

Our fountains are made by skilled artisans. High-quality materials and meticulous construction ensure your water feature is both durable and beautiful. Some of our products are made to order. You can request a custom design, and we can even add a company logo to a fountain.

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