Q:  How can I keep algae from growing in my outdoor fountain?

A:  It's best to use an outdoor pond solution in the water and to remove any debris that falls into the water.  We offer a product called Fountec.  There are many cleaners and solutions made specifically for algae.

Q:  Are any of your outdoor water features for year-round use?

A:  It depends on the year-round temperature in your area.  If there is any chance of a freeze we recommend removing all water from the fountain.  Most of the time it's best to remove the water and utilize a fountain cover throughout colder times of the year in an effort to protect the pump and the fountain itself.

Q:  What steps should I take to winterize an outdoor fountain?

A:  In harsh winter weather, and especially if temperatures reach freezing levels, you should prepare the water feature beforehand by removing all water, placing towels in the basin and/or tiers, and protecting it with a cover.

Q:  Is it okay for my animals to drink from an outdoor fountain?

A:  Yes, unless you're using a water treatment or cleaner that isn't safe for animal consumption.

Q:  How are the outdoor fountains shipped?

A:  Our outdoor fountains range from small to very large, so it depends on the size and weight.  Please call customer service to ask about shipping details on any specific fountain.

Q:  I see that some of the outdoor water features require a "forklift for delivery."  Why is that?

A:  If the pallet(s) is too large or heavy for a lift gate, the only way to remove it from the truck is with equipment the customer must provide.  All deliveries like this are scheduled with an appointment the customer will set with the carrier.  The carrier will call you near the delivery date to schedule the delivery date and window.

Q:  How are the outdoor water fountains shipped?

A:  It's very common that an outdoor fountain will arrive in several pieces, on a pallet, which can be removed from the freight delivery truck with a lift gate.  If the pallet(s) is too large/heavy then a forklift may be required at the time of delivery.  If a forklift is required it will be notated with the product information.  Please contact customer service if you have questions.



It does not matter how small or large your outdoor living space is, it should have at least one water feature. These are stunning and beneficial pieces of art that will transform your surroundings into a tranquil oasis. Whether you are looking for a show-stopping focal point for your patio or a small solar variety for a flower bed that seems to be missing something you are sure to find exactly what you are visioning for your space in our collection of outdoor fountains here at Soothing Walls.


Most people are not prepared for such an exciting and diverse selection when they begin to browse here. It seems like it was only yesterday when garden water elements were expensive and only available in limited styles. Today you will find these captivating pieces of art in every size, style, theme, material, and color imaginable.

Tiered - If you love the beauty created as water flows from one edge to the next then this variety is for you. Nothing offers a more timeless appeal than tiered water elements. Our Espana Fountain with Old Euro Basin is a great example of one that will create the same richness and depth 20 years from now as it will today.

• Wall - Want to add a little mystery to the exterior of your home? These pieces create the illusion of water flowing from an exterior wall of your house.

Solar - You don't need an electrical outlet or an extension cord to create magic in your garden. Solar styles are powered solely by the sun's rays.

Sphere - For a simple yet bold look, consider the sphere fountains we have. These are ideal for a simplistic or contemporary space.

Glass - Most people don't think to use glass for decorating outside, but this material is heartier than you think. Not to mention, when the sun dances off the glass and water it creates a kaleidoscope of colors.

Large - If you have a significant size property or a circular driveway, these pieces make great focal points.

Animal - Showcasing your favorite animal in a beneficial piece of art is a fantastic way to personalize your space. Here at Soothing Walls we have outdoor water features with a variety of animals, including lions, frogs, butterflies, turtles, swans, dolphins, and more.

Asian - If you are creating a spa-like environment or an outside meditation studio, one of our Asian pieces will be the perfect finishing touch.

People - Art that incorporates the use of human figures is timeless. Similar to tiered water features, they will never go out of style. Those that feature children create a youthful and fun presence.

Angels - The use of cherubs on these pieces has become quite popular. We have a variety available from tiered to wall styles, and some even have LEDs.

Corner - If you have a corner on your deck or patio that needs attention, one of these pieces will nestle in there nicely. You can even create the illusion of a corner by using one.

Waterfall - For the most natural look possible, our waterfall collection can't be beaten. The use of rock and logs creates the realistic look and sound of a waterfall.

• Cast Stone - You will notice that we offer a large selection of cast stone pieces here at Soothing Walls. This is because cast stone is an extremely durable material that can be manipulated into any shape and given practically any finish.