Al's Garden Art

Al’s Garden Art was named after its founder Alfeo Bracci, an Italian immigrant from a family of sculptors. The company was founded in Southern California and grew to be one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers of fountains and other garden accents.


The fountains in this collection are incredibly detailed and expressive. A fountain adds serenity and a certain touch of class to a property. A fountain by Al’s Garden Art takes it up another level. Every one of them is a statement piece. Take a look and you will find just the fountain for making the right statement in your garden.

The Fiore Stone Advantage

Fiore Stone bought Al’s Garden Art and it was a great match from the start. Already a successful manufacturer and distributor of cast stone garden décor products, Fiore Stone took over the manufacturing of the popular fountain brand and made it more efficient and exacting than ever.

Not only are these fountains a sight to behold, they now offer just about the best value in the industry. More often than not you will get a more substantial and striking-looking fountain compared to other brands in the same price range. The deceptively simple Zen Fountain, for example, weighs over 300lb and measures 41.5” tall and 32” wide – much heavier and bigger than similarly priced fountains by other brands.

The headquarters and factory are located in Corona, California. Advanced manufacturing processes are employed including the use of fiberglass molds with latex form liners to make the most faithful reproductions of the original masterpieces. The fountains are finished by hand in an array of attractive finishes. Even the most affordable fountains are available in more than 30 finishes. All fountains are made-to-order only.

Fiore Stone has its own fleet of tractor trailers for distribution and shipping. What’s more, the drivers are also experts at fountain setups.

The Collection

There is a huge selection of fountains in this collection. You will find intricate and refined designs like the Vesuvio series. And then there’s the traditional old-school Tuscan series. Just when you are ready to be blown away by the imposing Cavalli series and the lion fountains, you will find yourself mesmerized by the unusual Curtain Rain series and the urn trio fountains.

All fountains manufactured by Fiore Stone come with a 1-year factory warranty. If the cast stone was to develop imperfections, it would happen in the first year. After that, the fountain should last for years and years to come.


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