Art Wall Fountains

The selection of available water features is far more extensive than most people realize. Many are under the impression that these beneficial pieces of art are solely made with simple yet beautiful finishes, such as marble, slate, glass, and mirrors, but this is not true. If you are looking to create a focal point that is unique yet sophisticated and completely unexpected, you will want to browse the selection of art wall fountains we have here at Soothing Walls.



  • Abstract - When you marry an abstract painting with cascading water something magical happens. Now you have all the benefits of a water wall with the artistic presence that abstract pieces create. These mind-opening paintings are literally brought to life by the curves of the water. If you want to add a pop of bold color to a simplistic space consider our Santa Fe Fountain. This is one that would look dynamic in a room with black furniture.
  • Stained - The creative design of these pieces will lure you in like a magnetic force. You may find yourself simply gazing at your water element throughout the day. A painting does not have to actually be of anything to be a show-stopping piece.
  • Copper - The use of copper in water features has exploded in popularity in recent years. This is truly one of the most beautiful metals especially when water showcases its rich undertones. We have many styles that feature a copper frame which complements nearly any painting but we also have some that allow this striking metal to be the main attraction. Our Orpheus Wall Fountain is a great example. You notice the copper first and the painting second, and since it boasts three-dimensional elements, it will add layers of rich texture to the space it occupies.
  • Musical - You do not need to be a musician to appreciate the excitement that these artistic pieces bring to a space. Some feature silhouettes of musicians while others display musical instruments and notes.
  • Traditional - This is one of our most diverse categories; these pieces allow you to create a theme, era , or feeling in a room. A few examples of elements showcased on these wall fountains include butterflies, fish, flowers, cherubs, architecture, birds, landscape, and still life.
  • Photo - For a truly customized piece, we allow you to create one here at Soothing Walls using a personal photo. These make exceptional gifts!
  • Universe - There is nothing more mysterious than the unknown. Our universe-themed fountains will transport you to a tranquil universe with just one glance.