Giannini Garden

Marino and Piera Giannini founded Giannini Garden in 1993. The company has remained a family business after growing steadily into a sizable factory and showroom in South San Francisco, California.


Giannini Garden makes a variety of garden accents. Its water fountains are especially top class. These fountains are of the most intricate and conservative designs. Every one of them would look right at home in an ancient European village square. This really accentuates the calming effects of the fountain. It will add a certain touch of elegance and panache to any garden.

The Collection

Tiered fountains, wall fountains and drinking fountains are prominently featured in this collection. Each available finish has an ancient, naturally aged look. These fountains will work equally well in both well-kept gardens and naturally untidy gardens. In our experience, they simply fit in from the first day.

The large tiered fountains include the 11ft tall San Remo Outdoor Water Fountain and the 5.5ft diameter Porta Marina Outdoor Water Fountain. Check out the impossibly ancient-looking Capri Two-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain and the Stagioni Pond Outdoor Water Fountain. The Bergamo Outdoor Water Fountain and the Contempo Outdoor Water Fountain are as modern as it gets in this collection.

Some fountains in the collection are certifiably antiques. The English 3-Tier Cistern Outdoor Water Fountain stimulates those of us who are old enough to remember having a cistern at home. The Green Man Pond Outdoor Water Fountain appears centuries older than Kingsley Amis’ classic novel of the same name.

New Designs Added Constantly

All Giannini Garden water fountains are designed and manufactured in the USA. Marino Giannini adds new designs to the collection like clockwork, only this one is measured in months. It can take up to 3 months to bring Marino’s drawings to fruition. Time-consuming hand sculpting has to take place before the molds can be made for reproducing the fountain.

The cast stone used in making these fountains are reinforced concrete designed to last a lifetime. There are 20 available finishes for all fountains. The finish is painstakingly applied by hand. This natural process means that the finish may not look exactly as shown in picture but it is sure to be breathtaking.

These fountains are made-to-order and are only available at select authorized dealers. Soothing Walls is one of the dealers. Perhaps nothing epitomizes “soothing” as much as these awesome fountains. Take a look and you will agree.


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