Gist Fountains

If you are looking for something other than the classic tiered fountains or the space-saving but predictable wall fountains, you must check out Gist fountains for something more out of the ordinary.


Gist fountains are characterized by their distinctive stylings, often with bold lines and eye-catching angles. You can call them modern in how they reject realism and tried-and-true methods in favor of innovation. You can further call some of them postmodern in that they are hard to figure out and we can only hope to interpret them in the context of our own experiences. If you prefer art galleries over lawn and garden centers, chances are you will love these fountains.

Gist Products is the company that manufactures these fountains in Phoenix, AZ. They are made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). GFRC is much more resistant to cracks than cast stone and prefab concrete. It is stronger yet lighter, and therefore you can make complex 3-dimensional shapes out of GFRC.

Of course, you will also need the daring and capability to go for the really complex, sophisticated shapes, and the designers and manufacturing competency of Gist Products deliver just that. The workmanship of these stylish fountains is uniformly impressive. They are available in over 30 acrylic and stained finishes. Not all of the finishes are natural stone colors – that would be boring for some of us who are looking for something totally out of the ordinary. Regardless of which color you choose, you will find it arrive looking captivating and as if naturally aged.

The Collection

Gist fountains are freestanding fountains, but this does not mean that they have to be set up in the middle the garden. You can easily make them look lovely tugged into a corner or close to a wall. Although GFRC is lighter than cast stone, these fountains are prodigiously made and most of them are quite immovable. The massive Ball & Bowl Outdoor Fountain tipped the scale at 1310 pounds and the relatively affordable postmodern Ridgeway Garden Water Fountain is nearly 500 pounds.

Prominently featured in this collection are various interpretations of the sphere fountains, urn fountains, monolithic fountains, tiered fountains, people and Buddha fountains, and others which are impossible to categorize. Most of the tiered fountains are modern and unlike the ones found under other brands. Some of them feature a combination, such as the Double Oblique with Ball Garden Fountain which is a modern tiered fountain topped with a sphere.

This company is so confident in their manufacturing prowess that they are willing to take on custom-designed fountain projects of any complexity.

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