Henri Studio

Henri Studio is the name synonymous with high-end water fountains. High-end in this sense does not necessarily mean high price. In fact, the company’s collection of cast stone fountains is available in a wide range of prices. Every one of them is unique and exquisite in its own right, and worth every bit of its selling price in artistry and build quality.


The headquarters and production facility is in Wauconda, Illinois (northwest of the Greater Chicago area). Henri Studio was started by a highly talented Italian immigrant, Eneri Prosperi, more than 50 years ago. The company is one of the oldest American manufacturers of made-to-order cast stone fountains, a product category that it helped created in this continent.

Made-to-Order Cast Stone Fountains

Every water fountain in the collection is designed in-house from scratch. For example, in the popular Rebecca At Well series, the smaller fountains are not simply miniaturized versions of the flagship fountain. There are subtle differences in poses and clear distinctions in the designs of the basin and stand.

Modern manufacturing technology complements Old World craftsmanship without replacing it. The fountains are made-to-order one at a time because they are impossible to produce in assembly lines. The reinforced cast stone concrete is mixed by machines but poured by hand. Finer details and the most realistic aged stone finishes are also applied by hand.

More than 20 finishes are available for every fountain from the biggest to the smallest. The small fountains are small in stature only – the finish and details are high-end all the way. Henri Studio’s aged stone finish is the best in the industry. Your fountain will look as if it has been around since the beginning of time.

The Collection

In this collection, you can find the biggest and grandest fountains to the cutest and most unobtrusive. The multi-tiered Grande LaScala is a majestic outdoor fountain measuring over 14ft in diameter, yet it is whimsical at the same time. At the small end, check out the unusual yet incredibly calming Slate Springs Fountain. Among our best-selling Henri Studio fountains are the Tazza Tier and the Tiki Column. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Last but not least, the company is thoughtful enough to prepare physical samples of the finishes for you to purchase (at a minor cost) and inspect in person. This is recommended if you want to be absolutely certain of choosing the perfect finish for your décor.


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