Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains are special. They give the illusion of water cascading out of an exterior wall, which draws you in for a closer glance. Many people do not even consider these styles because they assume they will be the most expensive option. After all, you do not often see them in most neighborhoods, and they look as though they belong on an old castle, protected by an enchanted forest and a moat. Well, you may be surprised and thrilled to learn that we carry outdoor wall fountains in a wide range of prices here at Soothing Walls. Even with a small decorating budget you are sure to find a piece that will instantly transform the overall look of your home. It will offer curb appeal, welcome guests, and become the topic of conversation amongst jealous neighbors.



Q: How do I clean my Outdoor Water Wall Water Feature?

A: All fountains are different and will come with instructions on how to care for and clean your fountain and pump. For outdoor fountains it is recommend to clean the fountain often in case of leaves and debris. We recommend adding a fountain cleaner (Fountec) to the water to help keep your fountain clean.

Q: Is it necessary to take down my Outdoor Wall Water Fountain in the winter?

A: You can leave your fountain up during the winter but you will need to winterize it. Detailed instruction will be included with your fountain on how to winterize your Outdoor Wall Fountain. Please call Customer Service if you have any questions.

Q: Will I need to hook my wall fountain up to a water line?

A: All of our fountains are self-contained. Some of our larger fountains can have an autofill and drain added to them. Please contact customer services for more information.

Q: What do I do if my Outdoor Wall Fountain arrives damaged?

A: When your fountain ships you will receive instruction on how to proceed if your fountain arrives damage. If you have a large fountain that ships LTL you will inspect your order while the driver is still there. You will want to have a camera ready to take pictures. If your fountain ships standard UPS or FedEx you will need to contact customer service as soon as possible.

If you have ever visited a home or business with an outdoor water wall then you know what a strong and memorable impression these pieces can make. Even when a property boasts a large fountain with a pool, it is often the subtle and mysterious nature of the wall-mounted one that demands the second glance.


We have diverse selection of water walls. Some mount directly on the wall while others stand on the ground against the wall and require no mounting at all. These are ideal for renters, or those who simply prefer not to mount anything on their house.

Whether you prefer a simple design or something heavily detailed, you will find it here. Some are pure elegance with nothing more than a molded or carved rose, sea shell, or marigold. We also have outdoor water walls that would be considered extremely unique to say the least. Our stunning Sea Horse Outdoor Wall Fountain is a superb example.

If you think about some of the world's finest water features, you realize that many incorporate a lion into the design. This noble creature has always been a symbol of power, strength, loyalty, and royalty, so it only makes sense that we offer many styles showcasing this regal animal. The use of angels has long been popular with these significant pieces too, so if this is what you are looking for check out our Small Cherub Wall Fountain.

Here at Soothing Walls we offer these captivating and beneficial pieces of art in an array of sizes, styles, themes, and finishes. We even have plenty of weathered options, which have become extremely popular in the decorating world. Place one of these outdoor water walls in the front of your home for curb appeal and a nice welcome when you arrive, or use one in the back to create your own private tranquil oasis.


Top Selling Outdoor Wall Fountains

Augustine Wall Fountain
The Augustine Wall Fountain features a cascading spout that feeds a double basin. The classic styling of this water fountain will turn your patio, yard, or garden space into the ultimate relaxation zone. This stunning fountain stands 58" tall, making it ideal for any yard. This unit is constructed from cast stone that is designed to last a lifetime. This high-quality water feature is sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

Andalusia Garden Fountain
The Andalusia Garden Wall Fountain is available in 12 finishes that are sure give your home or garden an atmosphere of relaxation. Add a classical touch to your décor with this unit and experience the luxury this water fountain adds to your home. The dimensions of this unit are 55"H x 56"W x 30"D. Turn your garden into a place of tranquility and get the most from your garden.

Provincial Wall Fountain with Basin
The Provincial Wall Fountain with Plain Basin can turn your garden space into a center of relaxation and meditation. This unit is constructed from high-quality cast stone that can withstand harsh weather without showing signs of wear tear. This water fountain is competitively priced and is handmade in the USA adding to its quality. The is a large fountain with total dimensions measuring 54"H x 48"W x 30"D. Turn your garden into the modern day Eden with this beautiful water feature.

New Horizon Wall Fountain
The New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain can turn any garden or patio into a relaxation zone for you and your family to enjoy. Get the most from your garden décor with this classically styled water fountain. This centerpiece is sure to be the topic of conversation for any guest who encounters its classical splendor. There are a number of different finishes to choose from, so you can get the perfect fit for your décor and take your in-home relaxation to the max.

Senate Wall Outdoor Water Fountain
The Senate Wall Outdoor Water Fountain accents your gardens décor perfectly. The Old world styling of this unit gives it a unique appeal that is sure to please. This fountain is constructed from cast concrete and can be finished in a variety of different styles to fit your needs. This is a large fountain standing 62" tall. If you are looking for a quality water fountain that can last generations, this is a smart buy.

X3 Garden Fountain
The X3 Garden Wall Fountain is available in 12 high-quality finishes to give you the flexibility you need to add this modern water feature to your homes décor with ease. Three sculpted stone doves adjourn the frame and basin of this unit giving it a unique appeal that is perfect for increased relaxation. Turn your home, garden, or patio into your personal meditation zone. Collect your thoughts and center yourself with the peaceful atmosphere this water feature induces.

Estancia Fountain
The Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain can turn your garden or patio space into the ultimate relaxation zone. The cast stone design can withstand decades of use without showing signs of the elements. You are guaranteed to enjoy this water fountain for generations. Choose from a large selection of finishes to fit your needs. Installation is easy and no plumbing is required. Take your gardens décor to the next level with the classical styling this water fountain showcases.

Classic Lion Wall Fountain
The Classic Lion Wall Fountain is designed to raise the level of sophistication in your patio or outdoor space. This unit is available in 31 different finishes, so it can fit flawlessly into any décor. Made from cast stone, this water fountain is sure to become a beloved family heirloom. This unit stands 70" tall and is 32" wide. Transform your outdoor space into a layer of tranquility with this amazing water fountain.

Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Water Fountain
Few water fountains can compare to the supreme elegance provided by the Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Water Fountain. The unique design of this water feature makes it one of the most original pieces on the market. The water is gently streamed through shimmering lights to provide a unique and truly captivating water fountain experience.

Cherub Wall Fountain
The Cherub Wall Fountain features 2 beautifully crafted cherubs playing horns as they hover romantically over a lion's head that spouts glimmer water into an overflow basin. This is a tall fountain that stands 76" tall. There are 31 finishes to choose from and the cast stone construction is rugged but retains an old world elegance. Add a level of sophistication to your patio with this epic water fountain.

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