Urn Outdoor Fountains

If you are like many others, you may have just been introduced to urn outdoor fountains while browsing our site. Although not a new shape by any means, manufactures haven't really been creating much art with urns until recently. Now, it seems as though people cannot get enough of them. An urn is a shape that nearly anyone can recognize and it symbolizes something different for everyone.


Although urns are often associated with death, they are actually a positive remembrance. Urns have long been used on monuments in cemeteries as a symbol of immortality. Ancient Egyptians would store vital organs of a deceased love one in an urn because they believed that this would allow life to be restored in some indirect way. This is a beautiful, symbolic, and positive shape that has become extremely popular, especially in contemporary decorating.

Simple Yet Powerful

When urns are used in the creation of water features something very magical happens. The design is simple yet these pieces offer a bold presence. It does not matter where you put one, it will attract a lot of attention. Some of these pieces offer a classic and timeless appeal while some come across as being extremely contemporary. Our Amphora Outdoor Fountain is a good example of one that will transform even the simplistic space into being a little more modern.


Here at Soothing Walls, you will find a large and diverse selection of garden urn fountains. Probably a lot more than you ever thought existed. The easiest way to pick one is to try to settle on a location first. If you know you are buying for your deck or patio, pool area, front yard, circle driveway, or garden, then you can narrow down your selection a little easier. If you are trying to create a focal point in a very large, open space, such as your front yard then you may want to consider one of the many styles we have here with a pool.

Do you want the urn to be a standalone piece, or do you like the way they look when paired with some type of basin underneath. You will also want to decide which type of water flow you prefer. Many of these water features simply bubble on top while others will flow over an edge. We also have some that spray water up into the air. Our Palazzo Urn Garden Fountain is a great example. Water not only sprays at the top, it flows out all four sides of the columns into a pool. This fountain blends a few styles into one captivating piece of art.