Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains have a way of creating a little mystery. Since these outdoor water fountain are either mounted or stand against a wall they give the illusion of being part of the home.  An outdoor wall fountain doesn't have to be really ornate, we have many simple and traditional outdoor wall water features to meet your style.  It does not matter if you are looking for a small outdoor water feature to place near your front door, or if you want a large one to showcase on your connecting patio, you are sure to find one you absolutely love here at Soothing Walls.



Q: How will my Outdoor Wall Fountain ship?

A: How your wall fountain ships will depend on its size. The smaller fountains ship via Standard UPS or FedEx. The larger fountains ship via LTL Freight. If your fountain ships via LTL Freight the shipping company will call you to set up an appointment for delivery.

Q: What happens if my Outdoor Wall Fountain arrives damaged?

A: You will receive instructions on how to receive delivery of your fountain and instructions on what to do if your fountain is damaged during shipping.

Q: How do I clean my Outdoor Water Wall Water Feature?

A: You will want to make sure you keep water in fountain so the pump does not run dry and you will want to check your fountain periodically for leaves and debris so the pump will not clog. All fountains come with instructions on how to clean your fountain.

Q: What should I do with my Outdoor Wall Water Fountain in the winter?

A: Instruction will be included with your fountain on how to winterize your Outdoor Wall Fountain. Please call Customer Service if you have any questions.

Mounted vs. Freestanding

Since we have such a large selection, making your decision will be a little easier if you first decide whether you want one that gets mounted or stands freely on the ground. If you choose a mounted one you will simply need to position it on a wall so it is straight. A level may be needed. A freestanding variety can be positioned anywhere against the wall. They are ideal for renters too because no hardware needs to be fastened to the home.  Sometimes outdoor wall fountains cannot be mounted on the wall due to their weight and size, so please keep this in mind while shopping for your fountain.

Choosing the Right One

You will notice that many of the outdoor wall fountains we stock offer a classic appeal. These simple yet elegant pieces can find their place on nearly any home. Plus, if you do choose one with simple styling then you can add additional water features with a more defined theme to the space without creating conflict in the overall display.

Of course, if you want your wall water feature to be the main attraction then you can choose a more dramatic option; our Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Fountain is a fantastic example. If you are adding the water feature to an outdoor living space that is already decorated exquisitely, you want to take furniture, color palette, and décor pieces into consideration to make sure your water element complements the space without becoming a distraction.

As you browse our selection here at Soothing Walls you will see that we carry many styles crafted of cast stone. This is because it is one of the most durable materials available. Art crated from this material is made to last. Not to mention, cast stone can be given nearly any finish imaginable. If you want to truly make it look as though the water feature is part of your home, choose a cast stone variety that is available in a myriad of finishes. For example, our Augustine Wall Fountain can be purchased in more than 30 finishes, so finding one to match the exterior of your house perfectly should not be too challenging.

Top Selling Outdoor Wall Fountains

Andalusia Garden Wall Fountain-  The Andalusia Garden Wall Fountain (56.25”W x 30”D x 55.5”H) is a stunning fountain that brings the relaxing sound of running water to your outdoor space. This water feature is sure to add a statement to your yard with its curved backplate and rimmed basin.  Water falls from the top spout, to a top tier and then cascades into the bottom basin. 

X3 Garden Wall Fountain - The X3 Garden Wall Fountain (36"L x 16.5"W x 32"H) has a sleek and simple design.  This modern fountain is a great addition to any outdoor area.  It is perfect for small and large walls alike. The X3 has a variety of color finishes to choose from. Three cast stone turtle doves are included.

Grande Volute Wall Fountain – The Grande Volute Wall Fountain (64" H x 62" W x 29" D) will make a grand focal point in your space. This water feature will please both the eyes and the ears with its beauty and tranquil sounds. It creates gorgeous lines as the water falls from tier to tier through channels. This waterfall is dramatic, captivating and durable. There are 47 different colors to choose from.

Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Fountain- The Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Fountain (69.5"H x 48"W x 26.5"D) is handcrafted by skilled artisans.  It’s simple yet unique design will create an attractive oasis in your yard.  It comes with an LED light which creates an impressive nighttime look. The rain curtain and nine spillovers on this feature create a great sound.

Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain The Provincial Outdoor Wall Fountain (53.5"H x 48"W x 30"D) is an elegant water feature made of cast stone. Cast stone creates the look of natural stone and is very durable.  This water feature will be a nice centerpiece in your garden.  It will transform your outdoor space into a soothing oasis. Bring ambiance to your home with the tranquil sounds of water.


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