Water Walls

Water walls are one of our most popular forms of indoor water features that we sell.  These indoor waterfalls are simple in form but make up for it in beauty and sound.  Our indoor water wall collection is made up of fountains with slate, glass, marble and mirror surfaces that create a sheet of water that will dance on the surface.  Each of our water walls ship to you free of charge and many can be customized to fit your style and size.  You can even add your logo to these water features to make them perfect for your business.


Some of the large floor water features we have here at Soothing Walls are rear-mounted. This allows them to be completely flush with the wall they occupy. At first glance it almost looks as though it is built right into the wall. We also carry center-mounted varieties, which are ideal for random placement because they are beautiful from every angle. Both varieties are perfect to place on an angle in a corner, which looks exceptional with a few floor plants scattered around.

Choosing the Right One
We have quite a large selection, so whether you are searching for a small one for your studio apartment or a large one you can add a logo to for your business, you are sure to find one here you love. Some assume that water walls are all massive creations, but we have many styles that stand only 4 feet tall. Of course, we also have a full selection of large ones too. Our 8' Grande Brushed Stainless Steel and Silver Mirror Floor Fountain is an example of one that is sure to take your breath away. If you position it near a window where natural light can get to it then you will enjoy a beautiful display of a kaleidoscope of colors as the sun reflects off both the mirror and water.

The best thing to do is decide on a precise location so you know what size you are looking for. Then you will want to consider color palette, theme, and current furniture and décor pieces to make sure you choose one that will complement your space. Here at Soothing Walls you will find glass, mirror, slate, stainless steel, copper, and more.

Like all other water features we carry, these stunning pieces provide more than just a dynamic focal point. The sound and visual appeal of cascading water soothes the mind, relaxes nerves, and relieves stress. It will act as a gentle sound barrier and even provide the space it occupies with just a bit of moisture. This will help reduce the risk of dry skin, dull hair, and a scratchy throat that often comes with running the heat or air. These pieces are truly functional, beneficial, and absolutely breathtaking.


Top Selling Water Wall Fountains

7.5' Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor Fountain with LED Lights
When it comes to making your home look great, few water walls can compare to the grace and elegance set forth by the Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor. This futuristic water fountain will give your home or office the ultimate conversation piece.

10' Grande Black Onyx and Clear Glass Floor Fountain
Turn any conference room into a place of concentrated thought by utilizing the soothing sounds and visuals provided by the Grande Black Onyx with Clear Glass Floor Fountain. This stunning water wall stands 10' tall and commands respect from anyone who witnesses it in action.

Grandeur River Floor Fountain
The Grandeur River Floor Fountain features a halogen lighting system and is available in various metal finishes to match your décor. This unit includes a clear glass panel and leak free construction. This is the perfect water wall for the home or office.

Tranquil River Floor Fountain Rear Mounted
The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is available in marble, slate, and mirror surfaces, so you can get the look and feel you desire. This is a unique water wall that gives your décor an impressive centerpiece. This unit stands 90" tall and is 41" wide.

7.5' Gardenfall Bronze Mirror and Dark Copper Floor Fountain with LED Lights
The Gardenfall Bronze Mirror and Dark Copper Floor Fountain with LED Lights combine quality construction with innovative styling. The elegant tempered bronze mirror gives your room a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Tranquil River Floor Fountain Center Mounted
The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is designed to turn your waiting room into a relaxation zone for your clients to enjoy while they await your services. Nobody likes waiting but your customers are going to be set at ease by the tranquility this fountain produces.

Summit Falls Wall Fountain
The Summit Falls Wall Fountain is the perfect blend of art and functionality. This unit features adjustable lighting and water flow systems that give you the flexibility you need to set the perfect mood. Turn your workplace into a calming area of peace and tranquility.

Teton Falls Wall Fountain
Turn up the professionalism in your office with the addition of the Teton Falls Wall Mounted Fountain. This unit features six overhead lights that can be adjusted to fit your atmosphere. You can add your logo to the back panel of this unit for added personalization.

Deep Creek Falls Wall Water Fountain
The Deep Creek Falls Wall Fountain incorporates a 3-panel design that creates a unique relaxing sound and visual that can help you release stress. This stunning centerpiece has a calming effect on anyone who passes by this beautiful water wall.

Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain
The Solitude River Three-Panel Wall Fountain stands 69" tall and features a halogen lighting system. There is no plumbing required and this unit includes an easy installation DVD to help you get up and going in no time.