Large Floor Fountains

Large floor fountains are just as beautiful as wall water fountains except they do not require to be mounted. These stylish, modern additions to your home or office provide a gorgeous backdrop for any room as well as loads of relaxation. They can be placed anywhere you like and are easy to assemble. There are a wide range of models available, each offering an entirely different look. Many are made with natural slate or elegant mirror plates that are illuminated for an added cozy effect. They are especially beautiful near an entryway or in a family room, and give any office a sharp, professional feel. 

floor water feature is a type of recirculation fountain which cycles its water continuously through a small reservoir and pump. It easily plugs in to a standard electrical outlet and can be installed quickly. Due to the size of the larger floor water features however, it is helpful to have a professional install it so you do not have to worry about any heavy lifting. Letting a professional install it also saves you the trouble of possibly setting it up incorrectly. They are made with a single panel or three or more panels which are attached to a decorative floor base. The floor base often has room to add stones or other customizable décor that enhances the water element’s overall effect. 

Floor waterfalls are sturdy, and made of high quality materials (which in many cases are natural). They can help with humidity, promote a better night’s sleep, and lessen anxiety all due to their soothing effects. Most models come with a filtration system, adjustable-flow water pump, removable rock trays, and are designed with a weatherproof feature. Many models that have weatherproof features are made to be used either indoors or outdoors, and their stainless steel and glass elements are often tempered. 

The Aqua Fall Wave Floor Fountain is one of the trendiest floor water features available, sleek and bold with a grey acrylic design set on a dimly lit black base. With dimensions 33" x 15" x 84" h, it is the perfect size for any bedroom, small office, or foyer. Another large floor fountain that is just as attractive is the Waterfall Grande with clear glass and copper vein frame. Made with a lighter natural wood tone than the modern Aqua Wave model, it adds a comfortable touch to your indoor ambience, making you feel as if you are connected to nature right in the comfort of your own home. 

These models as well as others range anywhere from $1,800 to $8,000 in price depending on the size and features of the specific model. They are an ideal decorative upgrade due to their versatility and affordability, and you cannot put a price tag on the value of the tranquillity they provide. If you want to add an element of nature to your home, want a better night’s sleep, and want to help your home’s humidity level, consider adding a large waterfall to your space. Their natural beauty and chic designs are only a few of the many benefits to owning one.

Large Floor Fountains