Indoor Wall Fountains

Indoor Wall Fountains

When you enter a room, your eyes naturally scan until they are invited to come to rest on a focal point. The sooner they are drawn to something, the faster your guests are able to feel invited and at ease. Unfortunately, many rooms don't offer this type of focal point, which can be very unsettling in the moment and can wreak havoc on your mood, whether you realize it or not. Our indoor wall fountains here at Soothing Walls can create this powerful focal point that your space may be lacking.

A Style for Every Wall

It does not matter if you are shopping for a small piece to put in the entryway of your business, or if you desperately need a show-stopping piece for that long wall in your living room with vaulted ceilings, you are sure to find the perfect one here.

Evaluate Your Space

Choosing the perfect wall-mounted water feature is a huge decision. This will be the first thing guests see when they stop by so it has to be perfect. The size of the wall will play a leading role in your decision. Although you can place a large piece on a small wall, a small water feature on a large wall will look misplaced and dwarfed, and ultimately affect the flow of a room.

Do you have a lot of straight lines already from tables, shelving, electronics, windows, and rugs? If so, consider a water element with a curved design to help bring balance to such a heavy space. Our Contempo Solare Bronze Mirror and Dark Copper Wall Fountain is a perfect example. The subtle curved lines really change the dynamics of a room that you really can't appreciate until you experience it firsthand. Not only is the piece beautiful, it releases negative ions as the water cascades, which ultimately cleans the air; a quality most don't realize that water features have.

Choosing the right material or finish is as important as the size and location. Some materials are more versatile than others. For example, glass with a black frame can go nearly anywhere while mirror paired with stainless steel is perfect for a space with a color palette that is artistic all on its own.

As you browse our selection here at Soothing Walls you will notice that we offer several marble and slate varieties. These materials have exploded in popularity in recent years. Although unique and beautiful they really require a specific environment. For example, our Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain in black spider marble would not look very good in a country or rustic-themed home, but the same piece in rainforest brown marble with a rustic copper frame would. You will find that many of the pieces we have here allow you to choose both the surface material and frame finish. Some even let you pick whether you want straight or round corners on the frame for the highest level of customization.