8 Foot by 3 Foot Canyon Wall Fountain

SKU: 8f3fc-wf

  • Acrylic backdrop called Lexan.
  • Materials are made from the finest quality that is durable.
  • The image is hand painted onto the reverse side of the Lexan acrylic panel
  • Framed in pure natural copper.
  • These fountains are each made to order. Typically ships within 2-3 weeks
  • 8' H x 36" W
  • Recirculating electric pump

8 Foot by 3 Foot Canyon Wall Fountain will offer you many physical and mental benefits. The 8 Foot by 3 Foot Canyon Wall Fountain will create a visually stunning art for anyone to hang in their homes. Each Galaxy fine art wall fountain is a one-of-kind, mesmerizing treat for the eyes and ears. This beauty is twisted, pounded, heated among other things to create the amazing piece of art you see here. The copper is then covered with a optical lexan so coloration remains the same as the day you received it.

Questions & Answers

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  • Will my wall or floor be sprayed with water?

    No, this will not spray water on your wall or floor.  It is a self-contained unit.

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