Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain With Candles


  • Made of cast stone resin
  • Skillfully crafted to be balanced and durable
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Boast hues of Brown and Beige
  • Dimensions: 9"L x 9"W x 11"H
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Recirculating electric pump
  • One-year limited guarantee on pumps

Add a unique feature to any room in your home - one that can be placed anywhere and be enjoyed from any angle, with this Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with Candles. With three tiers for its water feature and another three for the candles, this piece will not only infuse your home with the soothing sounds of gently flowing water, it will also serve as a source of secondary ambient lighting. Each pillar features a roughened texture that imitates that of natural weathered stone while the included river stones can be arranged on top of the bowl-like basin to enhance its rustic charm and beauty. Relax and unwind any time of the day with this chic and rustic Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with Candles.

Questions & Answers

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  • !. Will you do free shipping to New Zealand 2. What is at the base of the pillars - is that some kind of platform or is it just the water I can see? Also what is the bowl made of 3. Am I correct in assuming this does not include tea light candles or stones. 4. Can you show how / where you turn it on? 5.I see $54.22 but no currency. What is the currency? 6. Pretty sure that 888 numbers in Australia cannot be called from outside. Which is not a problem if you can offer me the "Call for Discount" price online.

    We do not ship free to New Zealand.  We offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous US states. This fountain is made of 40% polyresin, 20% power stone and 40% plastic. It comes with three candles.  It has a pump that has to be plugged into a 110V electrical outlet.

  • How is it powered ? Electric or battery

    This has an electric pump which you just plug into a standard outlet. 

  • We're in Australia. The voltage will be different from US?

    This fountain takes a normal 110v electrical outlet.

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