Fleur de Lis Wall Fountain

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  • Made to order and therefore unique 
  • Can be made to different dimensions than those listed to meet your individual needs
  • Each is painted, and signed, on the backside of high quality, Lexan, acrylic panels
  • Securely set in a heat treated 100% copper frame and water basin
  • Integrated plumbing from the submersible pump located in the basin sprays water over the front of the Lexan
  • Painted surface is kept 100% dry
  • Made in the USA

Disclaimer: This wall fountain is an original piece of art that is created by skilled artists with many years of experience.  No two fountains will be exactly alike. Even though your fountain may not be exactly the same as the one pictured, you can rest assured that you will receive a beautiful fountain that is very similar. It will be even more stunning once it is running and the relaxing sound of water is added.  

  • Dimensions: 36"H x 60"W
  • Weight: approx. 60 lbs.
  • Material: Copper and Acrylic
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Recirculating electric pump
  • Hanging hardware 

NOTE: This fountain is custom made to order by the artist and thus a lead time of 4-6 weeks should be anticipated

An iconic French symbol of a flowering lily, the Fleur de Lis Wall Fountain is a perfect fusion of traditional and modern concepts. Because it's made to order, you can be sure that each piece is entirely unique with the image expertly hand painted and signed onto the backside of the high quality Lexan acrylic panels. The painted surface, which is kept 100% dry, is securely set in a heat-treated pure copper frame and water basin that perfectly stages this French inspired painting. Mount it on the wall and add a touch of modern French ambiance to any space and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the moving water.

Questions & Answers

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  • we really like the Fleur de Lis Wall Fountain. Do you have an photos showing it on a wall? Can it be made smaller - e.g.,36 inch wide and 24 inches high? Am I correct that this fountain does not require its own water source and only requires electric? Thank you. We are in the midst of a major remodel and looking for a wall mounted fountain for a wall on our deck.

    We can do custome sizes on this fountain.  You can email us at info@thesoothingcompany.com for pricing.  You can add the water yourself as needed.  It is a self-contained unit and does not require a water source.  It will need an electrical outlet. We unfortunately do not have a picture of this fountain on a wall.

  • Is the copper treated or natural so that it will patina over time? We are hoping it will patina. And what is the actual material of the fleur de lis? It looks like brass but is is painted?

    We can treat the copper or leave it untreated.  It is up to you. You can specify when you order.

  • Do you have a video/audio stream of the fountain working? We would like to hear how loud it is. We live in an urban setting and want to be able to hear the water sounds over light to moderate city sounds. (los angeles)

    You can email us at info@thesoothingcompany.com for a video we have of the art water fountains.  I will give you an idea of how it will sound.

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