Protec Fountain Cleaner


Especially developed to quickly remove and prevent white calcium deposits and iron, copper, manganese stains on indoor fountains. Regular applications will keep indoor water features' surfaces clean. Protec's advanced synergy blend of enviro-safe phosphonates provide long lasting protection with superior results.

Protec Fountain Cleaner Features:

  • Protects your fountain against mineral deposits that  causes stain and damage pumps
  • Water treated properly with Protec is safe for birds, plants, and animals, including fish

Protec Fountain Cleaner Specifications:

  • Bottle : 8 ounces


Questions & Answers

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  • Can you use it on a aluminum fountain?

    Yes, it is non-acidic and safe for all surfaces.

  • does it work on cement fountains?

    Yes, it works great on cement fountains.

  • Does it work on glass?

    Yes. Any surface will benefit from the use of Protec. Just a small amount added to the circulating water will help prevent build-up. However, if you have any type of etching or logo on the glass, we don't recommend using it,as it could cause them to fade. Simply use distilled water and a soft rag to wipe it down regularly and it will help prevent build-up on your glass.

  • Does it work with a marble fountain?

    Yes, it will work great with a marble fountain.

  • is there a larger size bottle of protec available and do you ship to canada

    We do not carry a larger size of the Protec.  We can ship to Canada.  Email us at with your address and we can get a shipping quote for you.

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