Large Wall Fountains

Q:  How will I attach a heavy water fountain like this to my wall?

A:  A large water wall will come with a bracket(s) that helps to evenly distribute weight on the wall.  A wood-studded wall is an appropriate place to install the water wall, however a professional installer, such as a contractor or handyman, can help you determine the best and most safe way to hang the fountain.

Q:  Do you have any large water wall fountains that are lighter in weight?

A:  While each model will have a different weight, depending on the materials used, we do have several with a slate veneer.  This reduces the total weight when compared to a marble slab, for example.  Please call customer service if you have concerns about weight.

Q:  If I need to replace my pump will I have to disassemble the entire fountain to access it?

A:  No, the pump(s) sits within the reservoir at the base of the fountain.

Q:  I'm concerned about having to refill a large wall fountain constantly- can I order one with an auto-fill system?

A:  Please call customer service regarding auto-fill system options.

Q:  I won't be able to install a large water feature myself, so I'm wondering if you can send a technician to my home or business- is that possible?

A:  Unfortunately, we don't have technicians available for installation or maintenance, however a professional installer, such as a contracter, is highly recommended for installation of a large wall fountain.


Nothing creates a dynamic focal point the way a large wall-mounted water feature can. When you walk into a room and come face to face with such beauty you can't help but lose your breath for a second. These artistic pieces are magical and beneficial. If you have not browsed our selection here at Soothing Walls prepare to be both delighted and surprised. Few people expect to have such an extensive and diverse collection to choose from. We certainly do not make your decision easy.

If you feel as though your space is not large enough to accommodate one of the large wall fountains we have here you are probably wrong. Although it is rarely recommended to place a small piece of art on a large empty wall, you can definitely mount a large piece on a small wall. Some people even choose to purchase a water feature that nearly takes up an entire wall.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is if you prefer a horizontal or vertical display. However, there are also some that are created with horizontal faces placed side by side, so although they give the illusion of a vertical piece, they are actually wider than they are tall. We also have some that boast three independent water elements that you place next to one another on a wall to create one large display. Our Giverny Triptic Wall Fountain is a great example. Each independent piece is 4 feet tall, but they create a width of 7 feet together.

Create Depth

If your room is simplistic when it comes to the color palette, furniture, and décor, you can easily add depth by adding a large water fountain that offers a three-dimensional or textured appearance. Our art water features in this category would be ideal. Our 6-Foot Archimedes Window Wall Fountain will create a jaw-dropping focal point and bring layers of texture to any space it occupies. Not only is the design three-dimensional, there is a fantastic amount of depth in the painting itself created by the blending colors. Then, when you factor in the gorgeous undertones of the copper you get a truly magical piece.

Enjoy Classic Designs

Some of our most elegant pieces are also our simplest. When you are working with breath-taking materials like slate and marble, it is best to just let the unique patterns be the main attraction. As you browse our selection here at Soothing Walls you will find several available in a variety of styles that are created with nothing more than a flat surface of a gorgeous material that the water cascades down. In some environments, less really is more.

Large Wall Fountains