Logo Wall Fountains

Logo Wall Fountains

Any smart business owner knows that having a focal point such as logo wall fountains can help to create a fabulous first impression on all of their potential clients or customers. After all, it has been said for a long time that you only get one first impression and the same idea goes for your business or office space. Perfect for housing the logo of your business, such a slate water wall is just right for setting the tone of your space while also helping to keep your company name in the front of your customers’ minds.

If you have your own business or you are responsible for decorating within an office space, then the chances are very good that you have already given some thought to adding a water element to your lobby area or even your conference room. Logo water features are a nice way to bring in the soothing element of a water wall while also giving you the wonderful addition of signage. Of course, you can choose the colors and materials that will go into your choice of logo wall fountains, so you can really have a customized piece that will look incredible in your business or office.

Depending on the kind of space you choose to display your choice of logo water walls, you may also want to look into the addition of lighting. For example, if your business is open into the evening hours or even if you have a room that is more dimly lit, the addition of lights can make for a whole new level of sophistication for your décor. Once you have the winning combination of mood lighting, flowing water and your company logo, then all of your customers and visitors to enter your space are sure to be impressed.

A marvelous example of logo water walls that are sure to wow all of your visitors is the Sunrise Springs design. Featuring your choice of trim color and style along with a specific stone, this is a water element that is guaranteed to make all of your visitors and clients breathless. Are you more of a fan of marble or slate? With this model, you have your choice so that you are sure to get a beautiful design that you can be proud to have your logo printed on and displayed in your lobby or entryway!

Adding a great hanging water feature to your business or office space is always a smart move. However, when you add in the fact that logo water elements are also a fantastic way to eliminate stress while creating a calming environment should be enough to prompt you to start customizing your water wall today. Within a short period of time, you and your staff along with all of your visitors and/or clients can be enjoying your choice in logo water wall within your office space.