You have invested a lot of money and time into creating a backyard that is as nice as a five-star resort, but what have you done in the front yard? This area offers the first impression. This is the part of your property that everyone sees, including folks you do not know. Only selected individuals get to enjoy the tranquil environment in the back. Doesn't your front yard deserve this same amount of attention? Below are five easy ways to improve your home's curb appeal.

Outdoor Fountains with Pools 

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Outdoor fountains with pools have the unique ability to enchant a landscape like no other element can. Peek out the windows and watch the look on the face of your guests as they arrive. Sit on your porch one Saturday morning and see how many people walking, biking, or driving by slow down to take a longer look.

Rebecca Outdoor Fountain In Toscana Pool


Rebecca Outdoor Fountain In Toscana Pool


You probably will not even ever sit on this bench, but it sure will be nice to look at. Place it in the middle of a beautiful flower garden. Don't have a flower garden yet? Well, it is time to plant one! Sure, its a little work to get it started, but you will have less grass to mow. Just imagine a wrought iron bench surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors. The display will be breathtaking.


Decorative fencing is a great way to give your property definition. Corner fence posts look fabulous surrounded by flowers. Wrought iron edging will complement your bench nicely, and you can really never go wrong with a white picket fence.

Glow Stones

If you want your property to look just as glamorous at night as it does during the day, consider using glow stones. You can cover flowerbeds with them or create an entire driveway that glows. The sunlight charges them during the day and then they create an illuminated display at night. Even 30 minutes of sunlight is enough to charge them to glow as long as 10 hours.

Bird Sanctuary

If you love watching your feathered friends give them a space they will want to spend a lot of time in. Create a "corner" with a fence, and then place birdbaths, bird feeders, and planters of flowers there. Just make sure you chance the water in your bird bath every day. Not only does dirty water ruin the display you are trying to create; it can make the birds sick.