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The range of outdoor water fountains from Soothing Walls will simply take your breath away. Adding outdoor water features to your garden, deck or patio is one of the best ways to add beauty and character to your home's front or back yard.  Even if you are looking for a small garden fountain or a large fountain with a pool, we have the outdoor water feature you are looking for.  Shop a variety of outdoor fountains at Soothing Walls with a helpful staff to be there before, during and after your fountain purchase.


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Q: I want an outdoor fountain that will drown out sounds, is there a particular style I should look for?

A: We would recommend a tiered outdoor fountain as these models will create the most noise. Obviously, the bigger the tier or fountain the louder the noise will be. Pouring spots will be the loudest of all fountains however, some people enjoy the noise tiered fountains make over pouring fountains.

Q: Where should I place the outlet to plug in outdoor water feature?

A: You should have an outdoor rated outlet near the fountain. Some clients will run the cord further away to obscure the outlet, however all of our fountains will require an electrical outlet to plug in lights and pumps.

Q: The fountain I want to order is several hundred pounds, how is it delivered?

A: Our cast stone fountains are shipped via LTL carrier. Most of our fountains will ship with a lift gate service and they will call to arrange a delivery time with you. Some of our really large basin fountains will need a forklift on site to remove from the truck which you will need to provide before arriving. If you are concerned about this please call our customer service to discuss specific delivery methods with the fountain you would like to purchase.

Q: Will the delivery company provide installation?

A: Sorry they do not. It will be a trucking service that will deliver your fountain and it will be for curbside delivery. We recommend hiring a local handyman or landscaper to install your fountain. Although installation isn't typically difficult, the pieces can be heavy so sometimes it is best to hire someone for the installation. If you live in the Southern California Area we do work with a company that can install the fountain for you. Please call us for details.

Q: How often will I need to refill the water feature?

A: This varies with each fountain. There are several variables that determine how much evaporation your fountain will experience. We typically tell clients that on average you could be adding water 2-3 times a week. After owning your water feature for a couple weeks you will have a good idea how often you will need to add water. Never let your pump run dry as this will damage and void the warranty.

Q: Do you have color samples for the fountain I want to order?

A: We do offer color samples for the finishes offered on the cast stone fountains. The best thing to do is call 1-888-839-3597 for information on ordering samples.

The tranquility of a soothing fountain will relax you after the stress of a long day. Water features are available in a huge variety from the conventional tiered type to the modern day trendy designs. Rather than go out and get the best that money can buy, you can choose the right fountain based on the space available and your aesthetic sense. Fountains are a great value addition to your garden or any other outdoor space.

The choice ranges from the freestanding garden, wall, tabletop and fountains with statuary – all available in different materials like rock, wood, ceramic, glass, terra cotta, metal, concrete, marble, etc. The Soothing Walls' outdoor water features will enchant you with their pleasing water sounds for many years to come, bringing you peace and serenity.

Fountains make your outdoor space more enjoyable and easily become the center of attention. Take a look at the variety available and take home one that appeals to you the most.