Everyone spends time in waiting rooms, and few people will say they enjoy it. You sit there, watching the time pass slowly, thinking of everything you could be doing. It does not help that the environment you are sitting in likely offers an uninspiring display, which makes you want to leave even more. If you can relate then you know exactly how people feel sitting in your waiting room, but you can change this. Give your professional space a fresh modern look that will have folks focused on the décor rather than the clock.

  • Daring Colors - Waiting rooms do not have to be neutral or black and white. There are no rules against using bold colors. The only thing you do have to do is be mindful that certain colors can affect mood. So, a bright red wall might be overdoing it in a medical practice, but hints of red used in décor pieces would be fine.

  • Patterns - For some reason, you rarely see patterns in waiting rooms. Gingham and chevron are popular right now. Depending on what type of business you have, you may be able to get away with large floral prints in watercolors. Even a wall painted with very wide horizontal stripes would give a quick facelift.

Grandeur River Floor Fountain with Logo

Grandeur River Floor Fountain with Logo
Dimensions: 96"H x 60"W x 14"D

  • Signage with Style - Adding a little signage with style to your waiting room will create a soothing environment while leaving a lasting impression. Logo fountains make exceptionally good marketing tools because everyone that looks at them has the business name or logo permanently etched in their mind, even if they do not actually realize they are reading it at the time.

  • Exciting Lighting - That boring ceiling light is definitely not doing you any favors, and if you have ceiling fluorescents this is even worst. Lighting should create a certain mood. Soft lighting can be soothing while fun lamps with colorful shades create a youthful feel. Don't hesitate to swap that drab ceiling light for a unique pendant or whimsical chandelier.

  • Metallic - Metallics are really hot right now, and in a waiting room a little will go a long way. A couple simple decorative vases or planters would be great in this space, or you could get metallic spray paint and paint one small table or your magazine rack with it. Metallic spray paint is available in a wide variety of colors, so there is one to complement any space.