You have to admit, you feel a little hint of excitement when you overhear guests talking about how perfectly decorated your home is. It does not matter if you have a cozy gathering with your closest friends or if you are throwing a huge graduation party with many guests you barely know; they are all looking around and judging you and your outdoor living space. Give them something to really talk about with these décor pieces.

 New-Lighter Henri Studio Avignon Green Man Fountain

Outdoor Water Walls

When most people think of a fountain they picture a large tiered piece that allows water to cascade down like steps or they think of a small solar powered one for the garden. Outdoor water walls are truly in a league of their own. Some of these enchanting pieces mount on an exterior wall of your home, while others sit on the ground against a wall. They are available in every finish imaginable so finding one to complement your home will not be a problem.

Kenroy Galway Indoor - Outdoor Wall Fountain

Kenroy Galway Indoor - Outdoor Wall Fountain

Fire Table

Nearly everyone has seen a fire table, but not at the home of someone they know. Fire tables are often seen in movies and on interior decorating shows. They give any space they occupy an upscale look. In fact, you can have one of these alongside some old furniture and no one will notice how badly faded the chair is they are sitting on.

Canvas Art

Do you know that you can buy canvas art for outdoors? Most people don't! These paintings and prints are just as nice as what you would display inside your house, but they are given a special coating to protect them from environmental elements.

Brentwood Wall Outdoor Fountain

Brentwood Wall Outdoor Fountain

Fairy Garden

You will watch the eyes of guests get wide as they lean in for a closer look of your fairy garden. You can buy kits or purchase individual pieces. Make sure you grow lots of moss for a lush, vibrant fairy landscape. You can make the garden as small or large as you want. They look charming in an old wheelbarrow, empty bird bath, or wide-mouthed planter.

Nighttime Accents

Your outdoor space looks lovely during the day, but what about when the sun goes down? This is the time to really "wow" guests as your landscape takes on a completely different look. Solar illuminated planters, fiber optic solar lights, solar spheres, paper lanterns, and other illuminated décor pieces will create a magical environment.