Biggest Decorating Mistake People Make

June 22, 2017

There are not necessarily any strict decorating rules to adhere to, but this does not mean that there are not mistakes made all the time. Have you ever walked into a room for the first time, and just thought, "Man, what were they thinking?" Of course you have! Well, have you ever wondered if new guests in your home have ever thought that about you? Yikes! It's not a nice thought, is it? Would anyone even tell you if you totally missed the mark with your decorating? Probably not! Below are a few common mistakes that are easy to avoid making as long as you are aware of them.

Going Overboard on Themes

So, you want to create a tiki-themed living room in your Alaskan home? Well, if you do it in a subtle way it can look great, but start adding inflatable palm trees and there might be a problem. Plus, you want to make sure that a theme flows through joining rooms. For example, if you can see the kitchen from the living room, both spaces should complement one another. You don't have to keep the theme, but perhaps, keep the color palette. The worst thing you can do is go from one theme into a completely different one.

 Pioggia Fountain with Fiore Pond

Pioggia Fountain with Fiore Pond
Dimension: H91¼" x W99½"

Neglecting the Outdoor Living Space

Your deck or patio is an extension of your home. Those white plastic chairs out there all by themselves is just not working. Decorate this space like you would the interior of your home, and you will get more use of it. Don't stop where the cement or wood ends either. Accessorize your landscaping. If you have a large yard or circular driveways opt for outdoor fountains with pools to give these areas a focal point. Outdoor fountains with pools also look stunning placed in the middle of a flower garden.

Hanging Art too High

Believe it or not, the placement of art on a wall can have a positive or negative impact on a space. Ideally, wall-mounted pieces should be at eye level. The exception is if you are mounting a cluster of plates, baskets, masks, etc. You may want some to start a little higher since there will be others probably below eye level, too.

Not Considering Lifestyle

Don't decorate for the life you wish you had. Decorate for the one you have. You may love that classic Cape Cod look, but don't even think about adding a white sofa to your space, if you are going to cringe every time your kids get too close. If you like to play video games with friends, skip the traditional seating and go with bean bag chairs. Create a space you love to live in.

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