Whether you are opening a new restaurant or simply looking to do a little redecorating of the one you have, there are some essentials that should definitely be on your list. It does not matter if you have a family-owned diner, five-star restaurant, neighborhood pub, or corner café; if you offer outdoor seating this is likely where your patrons flock to when the weather is nice. Doesn't it make sense to decorate this space as thoughtfully as the inside of your venue?

Barrington Outdoor Fountain in Valencia Pool

Barrington Outdoor Fountain in Valencia Pool
Dimensions: 51"H x 65"D

Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are an absolute must for a few different reasons. First, they instantly create a tranquil environment. When a beautiful cascading water display is the first thing guests see they instantly feel relaxed and soothed. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, it is nice to just forget all the chaos for a bit. If they can do this while dining at your establishment, it will make their experience even more rewarding. They will not be able to wait to return!

Plus, outdoor water fountains naturally mask undesirable noise. If you position a few around your patio, patrons will not feel as though they are listening to different conversations around them.

Lion Face Terrazzo Bella Wall Water Fountain

Lion Face Terrazzo Bella Wall Water Fountain
Dimensions: 50"H x 42"W


Everyone loves a sunny day, but that does not mean they want to feel their skin cooking while they enjoy their lunch. They probably do not want to be forced to keep on their sunglasses the entire time either, but this is what they will have to do, if they are being blinded by the sun. Also, there is a pesky little thing called "skin cancer" that some folks are always concerned about. Patio umbrellas ensure that all patrons are comfortable. Guests that want to soak up the sun while they sip margaritas can always just ask the server to close their umbrella.

Outdoor Canvas Art

There are likely a few walls to put to good use, so you might as well mount outdoor canvas art on them. These paintings are just as stunning as canvases you would display indoors, but they have a special coating to protect them against environmental elements. This is a nice detail that is sure to get noticed.

Floating Sphere Waterslide Fountain W/ 3LED -Starlight Yellow

Floating Sphere Waterslide Fountain W/ 3 LED -Starlight Yellow
Dimension: 17.7" L x 16.9" W x 35.4" H

Heat Source

You would get more use out of your patio if guests could be warmed when the temperatures are still a little cool. There are likely many days in spring and fall when folks would love to enjoy the fresh air, but it is just a little too chilly. This is probably even a concern in the summer after the sun goes down. Even a warm night can feel cool, if you have been in the sun earlier. Patio heaters will warm the space right up, so you can make the most of that valuable seating. Gel or bio ethanol fireplaces would certainly be a nice touch when the sun goes down, as well. If you draw a fairly sophisticated crowd, they might appreciate fire tables, too.


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