Essentials for a Modern Outdoor Oasis

June 22, 2017

If you want to make the most of your outdoor living space then it needs to be comfortable and stylish. Even if you are the only one enjoying the area it will still make you feel good to be surrounded by an environment you love. Of course, if you do a lot of entertaining then a well-appointed modern space will give everyone something to talk about. You don't need a sprawling yard to create a serene oasis either. You simply need the right pieces.

  • Limestone Pavers - If the patio or designated space is not right against the house, use limestone pavers to create a path. It may not seem like a big deal, but walking through mud or wet grass may deter you from heading outside sometimes. These are also great to use to create a path to a side gate or bonfire pit.

Bi Level Jug With Planter Garden Water Fountain

Bi Level Jug With Planter Garden Water Fountain
Dimensions: 50"H x 36"W x 36"D

  • Modern Garden Water Features - You can essentially create the entire feel of the space with the right modern garden water features. The alluring display and pleasing sound will make the fountain a focal point naturally, so by choosing a modern one, you set the tone for the entire area. Urns and bold geometric shapes are very popular right now.

Scallop Monolith with Ball Outdoor Fountain

Scallop Monolith with Ball Outdoor Fountain
Dimensions: 74"H x 32"W x 32"D

  • Lounge Area - If you do a lot of entertaining or play on having Saturday morning breakfast out there with the family every week then you will need a table and chairs. However, you won't want to sit in an upright chair when you just want to kick back and relax. If you don't have space for lounge chairs on the deck or patio, use the pavers to create a path to a lounge area under a big shade tree. You can always place a large outdoor rug out there, if you don't mind killing the grass underneath, or you can just choose lightweight furniture pieces that you can easily move when it's time to cut the grass.

Tuscany Without Riser Garden Fountain

Tuscany Without Riser Garden Fountain
Dimensions: 40"H x 48"W x 48"D

  • Solar Globes - You really can't go wrong with any type of solar lighting, but solar globe lights look really cool in a modern space. Plus, if you use them around your lounge area, you can just pick them up to move to cut the grass, since they just rest on the ground. Lights with stakes are typically the preferred choice in flowerbeds and gardens though. You don't really want something sitting on the ground that will get speckled with mud every time it rains.

Flourish Garden Water Fountain

Flourish Garden Water Fountain
Dimensions: 62"H x 43"W x 43"D

  • Umbrella - You simply can't create a tranquil oasis without a good shade source. No one will want to sit out there long with the sun beating down. Even if you are lounging in the sun to work on your tan it is still nice to have a shady place to escape to when you need to cool off. Get an umbrella cover, too, so your investment will last and continue to look good longer than one season.

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