It does not matter what size home you have, it is easy to create a meditation space. Some have an extra bedroom, loft, or screened in porch. You might only have an empty corner, and this is okay! It's not like you are moving around anyway. If you have family or live with a roommate you can always give the space privacy with a room divider or long curtain suspended from the ceiling. Meditation is good for your mind and body. When you have a designated place to go to you are more likely to squeeze in extra time throughout the day to visit this space.

Mats and Cushions

The zabuton is the most popular cushion used for meditation. The regular size one is roomy enough for nearly anyone and they are typically about 4 inches high for plenty of cushioning. There are also jumbo zabutons available, too. Some people simply prefer a mat. You may also want a zafu, which is a much smaller, round cushion that can be sat on or used as a pillow, if you prefer to lie down. Many people place the zafu on top of their zabuton for an extra plush seat. After all, you will hopefully be sitting there a while.

Bliss Bronze Indoor Water Table Top Fountain

Bliss Bronze Indoor Water Table Top Fountain

Tabletop Fountains

Having a water fountain in your meditation space is crucial. Since these designated areas are typically small, tabletop fountains are ideal to sit on the floor. Moving water creates positive energy. Plus, focusing on the tranquil sound is helpful when you struggle to clear your head.

Four Tiered Step Tabletop Fountain

Four Tiered Step Tabletop Fountain

Incense and Burners

Incense bowls come in an array of styles. Some have designated holes to stand the incense in, while others simply get filled with ash and the incense stands in it, much like sticking a branch in a pile of snow. There are basically three variations of meditation incense: Japanese Tibetan, and Korean. Smokeless incense is also available.


Sometimes, people struggle to meditate because they wonder how long they have been sitting there. Setting an alarm allows you to really relax your mind, without worrying if you are going to be late for work.


If you have room in your meditation space you may want to add a statue. Buddha statues are the most common, but you could go with one of Kuan Yin, Tara, Jizo, Tsa'tsa, or Hotei, just to name a few. Some people choose to simply display a sculpture of someone in a meditative state.


This list covers the essentials, but there are a lot more things you can add, such as bells, gongs, singing bowls, music, and benches. Meditation clothing and jewelry are also available.