Inspiration Falls Marble Wall Fountain

Inspiration Falls Marble Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 30"W x 6"D

Wall water features are an investment. It doesn't matter if you are purchasing one for your home or office; you expect it to last. Well, these beautiful and beneficial art pieces do have quite a lengthy lifespan, if they are properly taken care. Below are a few essential tips to keep in mind at all times to extend the life of your water wall

  • Add Cleaning to the Schedule - It can be easy to get in the habit of putting off cleaning to do tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into a week, a week turns in to a month, and pretty soon you have this foul order coming from the water and you can't understand why. Get in the habit of cleaning it routinely. Add it to your schedule just as you would a dentist appointment or anything else important.

  • Take Care of the Pump - The pump may not be the prettiest component of your fountain, but it is the most important element. Without the pump, your fountain is nothing but a pretty container full of stagnant water. The pump needs to be cleaned every time you clean the rest of the fountain. In fact, many people give the pump a good cleaning in between full fountain cleanings. Give the tubing a little extra attention, as well.

  • Let it Run - You're probably thinking it makes no sense to let it run all the time, if you are actually trying to extend its life. When you shut the pump off the water sits and gets stagnate. So, when you turn it back on it has to work harder to circulate the water. Not to mention, you have to clean it a lot more often when you do this. The pumps are designed to operate 2/47.

  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners - A harsh cleaning product isn't necessarily going to shorten the life of your water wall, but it will take away from its beautiful appearance. Even slate can lose its luster when rubbed with an abrasive sponge or harsh cleaner. If you have trouble spots that you're unable to get clean, make a paste of baking soda and water to leave on it for a while. When you scrub it away it should come right off.

  • Don't Let the Water Level Drop - One of the most important things to do to extend the life of your fountain is checking the water level every day. Moving water evaporates, and sometimes it evaporates at a faster rate than other times depending on weather. If you get in the habit of checking it daily, you won't risk the water level dropping below the pump line.