Mirror fountains are gorgeous and beneficial pieces of art that are versatile enough to complement nearly any space. They are perfect for any color palette and they are simple enough to pair with bold prints and patterns. In a small space, a mirror fountain will create light and depth thereby helping the room to appear larger. However, when mounted in a large room they can make a cold and disconnected environment feel inviting and comfortable. You may be assuming that such a beautiful piece of art would be extremely high maintenance, but you might be quite surprised. Although it certainly will not clean itself, caring for one is not the monumental task you may be assuming that it is. Below are some tips to keep in mind, and you will find fountain care and maintenance for mirror fountains to be a lot simpler than you expect.


Cascade Springs Mirror Wall Fountain

Cascade Springs Mirror Wall Fountain


  • Always maintain the recommended water level. An effective pump is one that is kept submerged at all times.

  • If you need to clean the mirror between a full cleaning, always turn the pump off, and make sure nothing drips in the water.

  • Never spray cleaner of any type directly onto the mirror. Apply it to soft, clean cloth instead, and then wipe the mirror. This will ensure that "puddling" does not occur around the edges where the backing could be attacked by the cleaner.

  • Never use any alkali or acidic cleaners that can affect the backing. You also want to be sure to never use an abrasive cleaner.

  • Clean using a grit-free cloth to reduce the chance of scratching.

  • Create a cleaning schedule to make sure that the piece gets cleaned routinely. You absolutely do not want to wait until the water actually appears dirty. This means that your pump is working harder. Plus, the flow of cascading water is supposed to clean the air in your home. This is not possible when the water is dirty.

  • If water does not run over the mirror as smoothly as it should, consider applying a very thin layer of Jazz Window Prep. You can buy it at most craft stores.

  • In most cases, the only cleaning product you will need is a solution of white distilled vinegar and water.

  • Always clean your pump and tubing thoroughly every time you clean the rest of the fountain.