Getting Your Outdoor Wall Water Fountain Ready for Spring

June 22, 2017

If you have an outdoor wall water fountain, maintenance and care are topics you are likely pretty familiar with. You probably followed one of our guides last fall to prepare it for Old Man Winter. Well, now it is time to get it ready to show off spring through fall.

Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain

Segovia Wall Outdoor Fountain
Dimensions: 42″ x 21″ x 45.5″
  • Clean the Pump - In the fall, you thoroughly cleaned the pump, and then either put it away or left it soaking all winter inside a bucket of water in a heated area. Either way, you will want to clean and inspect the pump and tubing again. You could have missed spores last time that now have turned into some type of growth. Flush hot soapy water through the tubing, too. Alternately, you can soak the tubing in a mixture of water and dish soap or white distilled vinegar, and then rinse.

  • Clean the Fountain - Even though you cleaned your wall water fountain before winter it does not hurt to give it a quick bath. As long as you did a good job of cleaning it last time, you should not have to use any elbow grease to clean it before you open it for the new season. Rinse thoroughly, and make sure all dirty and soapy water is out before filling. This is a good time to also inspect your fountain for any cracks.

  • Fill - Place the pump in the appropriate spot in the fountain and fill it using your garden hose. It is a good idea to add a water treatment that works with regular water to help keep it clean longer. Since it is an outside fountain, you will wash it more often than water elements in your home, but the treatment will at least help prevent algae and scale. Add water until it is to the fill line and turn the power on.

  • Clean Cover - Before you toss your fountain cover on a shelf in the garage, you might as well clean it first. At the very least, spray it down with the hose and hang it on the line or stand it on the deck to dry.


  • Get in the habit of checking your wall fountain daily to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris.

  • A small aquarium net will work great for removing bugs, spider webs, etc.

  • Always make sure there is enough water in your fountain to cover the pump. It will evaporate faster in hot, dry weather, so check daily and add water, as necessary.

  • Don't wait until it smells or is visibly dirty to clean, or the process will be a lot harder.

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