Solar Décor for Your Outdoor Living Space

June 22, 2017

Although solar pieces have been used on houses for quite a while, it was not really until recent years that the sun's energy found its way into the world of decorating. Now you can add items to your outdoor living space that would have required an electrical outlet and a weatherproof extension cord in the past. These are things that transform the space and increase curb appeal, yet they do not require electricity to operate, thereby making them versatile and eco-friendly.

 Kenroy Kenei Outdoor Solar Fountain


Solar Outdoor Fountains - Every space needs a water feature; solar outdoor fountains make it easy to put them in places you would have never imagined before. Although you will want one for your patio, now you can place them in your garden, flower beds, and under your favorite shade tree by your hammock. The great thing about solar outdoor fountains is you can never have too many.

Solar Stakes - Add accents to your flowerbeds with solar stakes. They come in a variety of styles and some even change colors. Butterflies, dragonflies, lilies, hummingbirds, sunflowers, and stars are quite easy to find, and they look brilliant shining a little light on your flowers in the evening.

Statuary - Just like garden stakes, statuary also enjoys a diverse selection. Add owls, frogs, gnomes, and a ton of other things to your property. During the day they look like regular statues, but at night a portion of them illuminate.

Solar Lights - You need lighting outside your home to increase security. Thanks to solar lights you can line your driveway and walkway, and even add lights with motion detectors around your shrubs or by your windows.

Decorative Lighting - You need the traditional solar lights, but don't forget about decorative lighting, too. Solar string lights can hang along your fence or around your patio. Also, solar lanterns come in a variety of styles and colors. Many are Asian-inspired, and some are in such bright colors that they appear to be glowing that color at night.

Bird Baths - Your feathered friends will be grateful for any type of birdbath, but they will especially love one that offers moving water. This helps keep the water clean. These are perfect to add to your garden area, and act as the perfect complement to solar outdoor fountains.

Address Lights - Do you do a lot of entertaining in the evening? You can buy solar address lights, so your address will be easy to read in the dark.