Adding an outdoor water fountain  brings a whole new sensory experience to your courtyard. It can transform an ordinary yard into a relaxing and elegant outdoor retreat, making it the object of everyone's attention.  Whatever type of fountain you decide to have, outdoor water fountains are great piece of decoration that are capable of bringing life to your courtyard.


1.   Caterina Fountain in Basin

Caterina Fountain in Basin

55"H x 82"W x 82"D
Weight: 1934 lbs

The trickling water of this beautiful Caterina Fountain in Basin is sure to bring happiness and tranquility. Water flows out the very top of the finial, into the top tier just before overflowing the top tier and gracefully falling into the large basin below. The water recirculates within the fountain, so no plumbing is necessary.


2.   Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain

Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain

39"H x 56.5"W x 56.5"D
Weight: 946 lbs

Enjoy the beauty of the Navona Fountain will bring to your garden setting, as the soothing water creates a relaxing garden retreat. Casually stunning, the Navona Fountain showcases a classic design urn perched on top of a pedestal. Sure to be noticed, this fountain stands over four feet tall and over three feet wide.


3.   Parisienne One Tier Fountain

Parisienne One Tier Fountain

Dimension: 53"H x 83"W
Weight: 2233 lbs

The Parisienne One Tier Fountain is the perfect center piece for your home or garden. With a twirling knot design and decorative flowers around the rim of the basin, this fountain is absolutely breathtaking. Water flows out the top, flower shaped finial of the Parisienne One Tier Fountain.


4.   Formal Garden Fountain with 46" Basin

Formal Garden Fountain with 46" Basin

Dimensions: 33" H x 46" W
Weight: 722 lbs

Formal Garden Fountain with 46" Basin will bring beauty as well as the soothing sound of water to your yard or garden. It is hand crafted in a more high quality cas stone will last virtually forever, becoming a permanent fixture in your yard or garden. This fountain will bring the tranquil sounds of flowing water to any outdoor area, as well as being a beautiful decoration in itself.


5.   Italian 4-Tier Fountain with 74" Basin

Italian 4-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain with 74 " Basin

Dimensions: 84"H x 74"W
Weight: 2472 pounds

The Italian 4-Tier Fountain with 74" Basin from the Al's Garden Art Collection is the perfect outdoor water fountain for your garden setting.



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