If you are looking for a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space, consider these outdoor wall fountains.  A well-placed fountain can transform an ordinary backyard, patio or garden into a relaxing outdoor retreat with the restorative sound and hypnotizing movement of trickling water. These water features can also serve as a focal point without taking up much space. Some of them evoke the appearance and feel of “Old World” ambiance; while others combine bold lines and modern geometric shapes with the soothing sounds of running water. Outdoor wall water fountains have a timeless character that suits any outdoor environment like no other decorative piece. The result is an enchanting, inviting atmosphere that will have you lingering around the garden every chance you get.

1. New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain

New Horizon Outdoor Wall Fountain

The New Horizon Wall Fountain brings to mind “Old World” elegance with its classic design and appeal. Standing at 56.5” tall and 40” wide, this outdoor wall fountain is the perfect way to spice up your garden or patio décor.  Made of cast stone, this outdoor wall fountain is made to last a lifetime.

2. Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain

 Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain

A splendid water feature that will grace any landscape, the Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain exudes classical style with a distinct European feel. Perfect for your garden or patio wall, it will give a whole new dimension to your landscape and ensure that you can enjoy pleasant sunsets and evenings with the soothing sound of your own little waterfall in the yard.

3. X3 Garden Wall Fountain

X3 Garden Wall Fountain

Jazz up your outdoor space with a wall fountain that is truly a modern work of art. Designed for durability and beauty, the X3 Garden Wall Fountain combines bold lines and geometric shapes with the relaxing sounds of running water.  Perfectly sized at 36" wide and 32" tall, this garden water feature adds an element of relaxation and a touch of style without taking up much space.

4. St. Aubin Outdoor Water Fountain

St. Aubin Outdoor Water Fountain

Looking like something straight out of the south of France, the St. Aubin Outdoor Water Fountain makes an impressive focal point for any wall in your garden or on a chic urban terrace. This outdoor wall fountain combines a simple, classic design with the soothing sound of falling water, perfect for sprucing up that unfinished wall space of your outdoor garden or patio.

5. Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

 Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

The Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain features timeless elegance that will never go out of style nor look out of place. Designed to impress, this garden fountain blends the best qualities of art and a water feature into a truly dynamic display. Sized at 26.5" wide and 40.5" tall, this water fountain is perfect for a smaller outdoor living space.

6. Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Water Fountain

Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Water Fountain

Reawaken your yard or patio with the Falling Diamonds Outdoor Wall Water Fountain.  The water action is vibrant and exciting with its waterfall and spillovers. At night, the waterfall is backlit with LED lighting to create a truly spectacular setting.  Standing at 69.5" tall and 48" wide, this garden fountain is a stunning and long lasting addition to any outdoor space.

7. Cherub Wall Fountain

Cherub Wall Fountain

The Cherub Wall Fountain perfectly blends an artful garden statuary with a functional water fountain. It is carefully made with the finest attention to detail. Water flows out of the angels' horn and lion's mouth into the gorgeous basin below. Beautiful detailing across the front of the basin gives this fountain character. Standing over six feet tall, set it against a garden wall or fence to create a lovely and tranquil outdoor scene where you and your guests can unwind to the soothing sounds of water in motion.

8. Moderne Garden Fountain

Moderne Garden Fountain

With the simplicity of its design, the Moderne Garden Fountain makes a grand statement. The visual display alone is captivating, but the sound the water makes as it cascades down the back panel is beyond soothing.  Standing at 59.25" tall, this high quality cast stone water feature comes with a submersible light that adds a glow to your outdoor area any night of the week.

9. Large Lion Wall Fountain

Large Lion Wall Fountain

Stunning elegance bests describes the Large Lion Wall Fountain.  Its flat back wall is perfect for setting against garden walls, placed in courtyards, patios and alcoves. The extraordinary design and delicate sculptural detail is balanced by its impressive size and abundant cascading water flow. Standing at 51" tall and 63.5" wide, this outdoor wall fountain is made of durable cast stone and comes in 35 different finishes.

10. Bavarian Wall Fountain

Bavarian Wall Fountain

Featuring an ornate arched wall design with semi-circular tiers and basin, the Bavarian Wall Fountain draws inspiration from several classic architectural styles. Equipped with a powerful and efficient recirculating pump, this flat-back garden fountain offers a continuous water flow that will infuse your outdoor space with the relaxing sounds of water in motion.