Whether you are a doctor or dentist, let’s face it: most people would rather be most other places than your waiting room. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that what brings us to those waiting rooms isn't the most pleasant of circumstances. The way to counter that is to put together a soothing environment to comfort your patients.

Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount

Harmony River Floor Fountain - Center Mount
Dimensions: 70"H x 31"W x 14"D

Comfortable Seating

If patients are already uncomfortable physically or mentally due to what is in store for them, the last thing they want is to feel uncomfortable as they wait. Soft cushions and arm rests can do wonders in making patients feel less anxious.

Use the Right Colors

Colors have a conscious and subconscious impact on people. While everyone has their own favorite colors, some have been shown to elicit specific emotions. If you have anxious patients waiting for their appointments, the most stress-reducing color is blue, with soft lighter blues being the best.

Solitude River Three Panel Slate Wall Fountain

Solitude River Three Panel Slate Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 69"H x 78"W x 6"D

Provide Varied Reading Options

Most medical offices provide some form of reading material for patients. Most men don’t like to read Cosmo, and most women don’t read Popular Mechanics. So try to offer a variety of magazines that appeal to both men and women, and various interests.

Keep it Clutter-Free

It’s nice to have reading material for patients as they wait for their appointments, but if left unattended for too long, it can create a cluttered mess pretty quickly. You don’t have to be OCD to feel a little anxious in a cluttered environment, so have your staff make it a point to regular do a sweep through the waiting room to tidy up.

Regal Falls Mirror Wall Fountain

Regal Falls Mirror Wall Fountain
Dimensions: 120” W x 69” H x 6” D

Soothing Sounds

If you’re looking for a way to really set your waiting room apart from the competition, consider a wall or floor-standing fountain. It not only creates an upscale environment, but the sound of trickling water is such a relaxing experience, your patients will feel like they are at a day spa and not their doctor’s office.

Your waiting room says a lot about your medical practice. The choices you make in its presentation can make the difference between whether patients want to continue coming or consider medical practice alternatives.