Floor Fountains

 If you want to create a focal point that is gossip-worthy in any room you will want to explore the selection of floor fountains we have here at Soothing Walls. Although wall and tabletop varieties are absolutely stunning, there is something about floor water features that leave such a memorable impression that you are sure to be the topic of conversation with friends, family, and other guests you entertain.

Some say it is due to the element of surprise. You expect to see these stunning pieces of art in high-end spas, casinos, and five-star restaurants, but you do not really expect to walk in the living room of a friend's house and come face to face with one. They are beautiful, beneficial, and some are even surprisingly affordable.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you do need available floor space, but this does not mean you need a huge room to accommodate one. A rear-mounted one can nicely rest against a wall, or you can nestle any style into a corner.

As you browse our selection you will probably be quite surprised at the diversity of our selection. We offer floor water features in every size, finish, and price range imaginable. So, whether you want one that is so subtle it won't distract from your current art pieces, or if you want something so funky it will be unlike anything anyone you know has seen, we are sure to have the perfect piece for you.


Glass - This is a material that can find its place in nearly any space. Glass will complement any theme and color palette, so it is ideal for those of you who frequently redecorate.

Mirror - Floor water elements made of mirror are beneficial for both small and large spaces. In a small room the reflective nature opens the space up a little to appear bigger, but it has the ability to make a large space appear cozier.

Slate - Some of our most breathtaking water features are made of slate. This natural material brings an organic appeal to a room, and since the patterns are unique, no two pieces are exactly the same.

Bubble - If you want to break away from the traditional style you may appreciate the retro styling that fully enclosed bubble water elements offer.

Logo - Every business of any size can benefit from a water element. However, when you actually add your business name or logo you turn that stunning piece of art into a powerful marketing tool.

Large - We have some large pieces that are so dynamic you may feel your own heart skip a beat every time you walk into the room, even after you have enjoyed it for many years. Our Grandeur River Floor Fountain is the perfect example of a piece of art so stunning you will constantly find yourself gazing at it.